White House Apology
George W Bush

George W. Bush

APOLOGY Form 3331776#VLATE 
PLEASE FILL OUT ALL BLANKS or form will be invalidated)

NAME: _____________________________________________________
Prisoner # ___________.
Nationality : Iraqi _____ Palestinian _____ Afghan _________ 
African American ________ Latino _______ Other _______
Location: Abu Ghraib ____ Guantanamo ______ Haifa ______Fort 
Benning GA. _______NY Correctional Facility _______
Gender: MALE___ FEMALE___
Level of sincerity: 1-10 (choose one) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Degree of Mutilation : 1-10 (choose one) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Gift basket: Yes No
Send BIBLE Gold leaf Regular
Halliburton Discount coupons: Yes No
Autographed picture of GWB: Yes No
Flight suit replica insert: Yes No
Flag: (choose one only) Standard (with Allah reference)
New (no Allah reference)
Card from Laura Yes No
Burger King Gift Certificate Whopper Regular

Dear Mr and Mrs ___(insert parents' name here) _________,

I, President George W. Bush, on behalf of myself and The Wonderful 
American People, wish to extend my
(choose one) deepest __ most sincere ___ belated ___
apologies on the unfortunate
abuse _______ torture _______ sexual humiliation _______ death _______
of your ____(insert gender here)________,
_______(insert abusee/torturee/corpse/ name here)______________.

He/she (choose one only) was
Choose one: 
made to perform forced sex: _____ masturbate ____ lie on other 
prisoners naked _____ wear a leash and walk like a doggie____
Wear a hood _____ endure electric shock ______ eat pork _____
By one of our
normally brave soldiers ____ civilian contractors ___ CIA Ops 
_______ Embedded Journalists _____
who are normally fighting for the great causes of freedom, democracy, 
and liberation.
We want you to know that ______(insert first name here) _____________ 
was/is a very special ____(insert gender here)____, and
endured torture___ suffered abuse ____ suffered humiliation____ was 
raped ___ died _____
in the most heroic and courageous way.
The actions by our
normally brave soldiers ____ civilian contractors ___ CIA Ops 
_______ Embedded Journalists _____
Do NOT reflect what I know to be AMERICA or The AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Our War on Global Terrorism will go on, and we will be victorious, 
due to the sacrifice of men/women like
___(insert name here)____.

(If necessary:)
Please let us (choose one: sincerely__ profusely __ genuinely ___ 
Omit __) apologize for not being able to attend the funeral.

Sincerely yours,
George W. Bush
Commander - In- Thief
United States of America

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