NY Comedians Form Coalition, Win Raise and Respect
AFTRA STANDBY NY, Spring 2005 Issue

Late last Fall, more than 300 of New York's most talented standupcomedians gathered in the AFTRANY Office and formed the New YorkComedians Coalition, dedicated to improving the working and professionallives of the group's members. After just over two months ofnegotiations, the Coalition struck a deal with the major NYC comedyclubs, including the Comedy Cellar, Gotham, StandUp NY, Dangerfield's,and the Improv. Members of the organization met at AFTRA on February 10- just days before a threatened job action - and approved new termsproviding substantial pay increases.

The organization's co-founders Ted Alexandro, Russ Meneve and AFTRANY Board member Tom Shillue led a grassroots campaign featuring aneffective website component, and won its victory due to the solidarityof all Coalition members. The organization turned to AFTRANY for supportduring its formation and for guidance during the negotiations. Forfurther information visit the Coalition's webSite, http://www.nycomedianscoalition.com.

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