Chritianity Will No Longer Accept Deaf And Dumb Converts
By Shlomoh
July 8, 2008


At the recent meeting of the interdenomination of World Wide Christian Leaders,
a new proclamation emerged. No recognized sect or denomination of Christianity will be
accepting connverts who are hard of hearing and/or have a speech impediment.
"How can we accept them if they can't hear the gospel being preached or if they can't witness for the lord?",
a prominent minister, who wished to remain anonymous, explained.

Oral Roberts said: "Look, if the damn Jews won't accept them, why should we?"

When a reporter asked Bill Graham for his reaction, Graham responded, "What do you want me to say?
Life is unfair. If God Almighty Himself chose to make them deaf and dumb so that they cannot hear about salvation
or cannot witness for Christ, who are WE to contradict Him"?

When asked for his response, Jimmy Swaggart replied, "Deaf and dumb? Let 'em burn in hell for all I care."

Former Bush Sr secretary Baker was heard to say, "Fuck the deaf and dumb. They didn't vote for us anyway!"

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