Her Shit Don't Stink
( Ken Turetzky 1999)

She thinks her excrement has no odor
Some people got it, she got it too
It's just a gift that makes her special
The thing that makes her better than you

Her shit don't stink
Her shit don't stink
Her shit don't stink
Her shit don't stink

She cuts a fart and calls it music
She says she likes to pump her own gas
But let her smell your fear and it's over
At your fun'ral she'll be blowing Taps


She'll only have a man if he's pretty
Berates him for his zero IQ
She makes him change and then she dumps him
Because now he's not the man she knew


One day a scientific commission
Will probe her soul, her body and mind
They'll try to date her but she'll refuse them
When it's finished this is what they'll find:


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