The Osmonds' Attempt To Be Jewish

Had Lenny Bruce been alive to write his famous “Jewish/Goyish” routine when the Osmond family singers started belting out their particular flavor of absolute shit, he’d probably have thrown his hands in the air and given up comedy on the spot. Because, there’s nothing – nothing – more goyish than watching these white bread, corn-fed Mormons absolutely butcher the entire Fiddler On The Roof song catalog.

Actually, the only thing more goyish than this would be if someone were to cast the fresh-faced, bright-eyed Donny Osmond as a foundational Jewish patriarch.

Thank God no one’s that crazy.

Norm Brownstein · School Psychologist at Seattle Public Schools
It's so bad that it's mesmerizing....I just froze in horror watching this trainwreck

Jeff Eyges · Top Commenter · Boston, Massachusetts
If this had been staged in the 19th century, it would have started the pogroms.

Rosalyn Fox · Works at Scholastic
This is singularly the worst thing I have ever seen/heard! I am in disbelief! The idea was scary before I dared to click... it's so bad it's not even funny.

Paul Busman · Top Commenter · Clifton Park, New York
Hear that sound? It's the sound of Zero Mostel doing somersaults in his grave...

Gavin H. Rogers · Follow · UCCS
Oy gevalt! The horror ... the horror ...

Robin A.Bugbee · Follow · Top Commenter · Chaplain Resident at Roper Saint Francis Hospital

Robbie Kanoff · Follow · Regional Sales Manager at Automotive warranty

Shlomoh Sherman - This is a day which shall live in infamy! Oh the humanity! After all, sirs - have you no decency?

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