Autumn, 2023
Barry's Sukkah Party - September 28
Pier Village - Long Branch, NJ - October 2

Karaoke at Asbury Hotel - Asbury Park, NJ - October 2

TASHLICH - October 5
Isaac and I at Duncan - October 6
Dear Shlomoh,

The Rossmoor Jewish Congregation will be holding their Annual New Members’ Sabbath on Friday, October 13 at 7:15 PM at the Rossmoor Meeting House. We are so glad that you have decided to join our Congregation and this will give us the opportunity to greet you and offer our welcome in person.

We will be asking all members who joined the congregation since June 2023 to participate if they choose. Possible aliyah’s are lighting and blessing the candles, opening and closing the ark, carrying the Torah, dressing and undressing the Torah or reading the Torah blessings. Whether or not you wish to actively join the service, we hope you come and get to know us. We are happy that you care about your Jewish heritage.

Sincerely yours,
Cindy Sigl

Tom Smith doing his best Beatlejuice at Sal's karaoke - October 18
Zviah and I doing our karaoke best at Sal's karaoke - October 18.
Zviah did Ducky's Try A Little Tenderness.
I did High Society's You're sensational.
Then we did Sting's Every Little Thing.
Rossmoor held its annual Flea Market Charity event. Sitting on Santa's lap is my friend, Jean Biori. Left of her is Rosemarry Masella, Rossmoor Mutual 2 manager. - November 4
Yesterday, November 5, the Senior Center of Monroe Township held its annual salute to veterans. Sitting next to me is Sy who says his Jewish name is Shlomo. I said that's my Jewish name too. Isn't that interesting? Sitting next to Sy is his friend Elaine Schaffer. The tall good-looking guy posing with me is Stephen Dalina, mayor of Monroe Township who persuaded me to vote this year. The gals on the stage gave a pretty good rendition of the Andrew Sisters. Anyone remember them?
November 5 at Rossmoor, there was a presentation of YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS. Those were wonderful years on NBC. Photos of the original kinescope and script for one of the shows are included. Also, there is the Emmy for Best Comedy Show of 1951.
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Zviah, Jay, my new friend, Elaine Schaffer, and I did karaoke again at Asbury Hotel - November 6
Zviah sang BonJovi's NEVER SAY GOODBYE
I sang Elton John's BLUE EYES

Sunset over Applegarth Road - November 10
My old friend, Chazzan Danny Green, came to visit me - November 15
It was great to be at the Rossmoor annual Thanksgiving service at which the Rossmoor Chorus sang, directed by Janet Wilson. It felt good to sing the Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful, and HASHEM put me in good voice LOL. Pictured with me are:
Eli Falci Grijalva [left] and Carol Baldessari [right]. These ladies are with the Rossmoor Players, directed by Jim Wilson.
Tom Smith, our own appealing Beatlejuice
Iris Trout [left] who sang HASHKIVEINU, and Cindi Sigl, [right],president of Rossmoor's Jewish Community Temple.
The service was very moving. - November 16
Picture on a light post on West 105th Street and Broadway - November 21
November 23 was Thanksgiving Day. Zviah made dinner and invited Harry and Janie and Tshuvah
Isaac, Jay and I had breakfast at THAT COFFEE SHOP - November 24
Isaac and I had breakfast at Duncan - November 27

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