Cats - May, 2009
Several feral cats have been hanging around my porch for almost a year. Because I feed them, they have survived a terrible winter. Although they will never be my real friends like a domesticated cat would be, they have lost MOST of their fear and will approach me for feeding.   These pictures are of Sweater and his father, Sparta.
The cats were named by Tiffany Claar, daughter of my friend, Sonya.
New Cats - July, 9, 2009
As it turns out, Sweater is probably female. Here are some pictures of Sweater and a few of her new kittens.
New Cats - July 14, 2009
As it turns out, Sweater is still male. Sparta is female. The kittens have become more bold.
New Cats - July 16, 2009

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