Cuyahoga Fall - 2018
This group of photos were originally going to show shots of Autumn in Euclid. However, after riding around the Greater Cleveland Suburban Innerbelt, I chose to include pretty and dramatic shots of my Cuyahoga County near Euclid.
I began taking these shots in late October and then took shots of my Euclid neighborhood on Election Day, 11-6-18.

Photo on the left - Zeman Ave, looking east across E260th Street; on the right - Richmond Rd looking south

On the left - Richmond Rd looking south; on the right, trees Autumn trees turning outside Anshe Chesed Temple on Fairmont

Cleveland Heights - near Cedar Rd - Lee Rd, Stone Oven, Lee Rd Library

Trees in my back yard and my neighbor's back yard

Zeman Ave looking west and looking east towards the front of my house

Honeysuckle on my western fence and hazelnut and spruce trees for whoever would like one

Hard to believe but even today, November 8, there are still ive roses on my rosebush!

Zeman Ave - West side of E250th Street

Richmond Rd - looking south at north end of Richmond Mall

Outside of 6563 Wilson Mills Rd - Shadybrook meeting

Wilson Mills Rd - looking west

Approaching Euclid Ave from Richmond Rd north

Back in my neighborhood again

Back on Richmond Rd / Lorraine, giving out candy to the kids on Holloween eve.

Sun breaking through clouds looking south on Richmond Rd
Work to be done at La Place, Richmond and Cedar Rds

Lobby of Southpoint Hospital in Warrensville, Ohio. Dietz says the tree in the back must be a Chanukah bush. It has blue balls on it. - December 1, 2018

Highland Rd - going west down to Euclid

Dave's Market on Lakeshore Blvd - skies darkening; thunderstorm coming.

Heading south on East 250th Street - getting darker

Steve's House on Zeman. He is always getting ready for holidays - Dec 2, 2018

November 4 - Dietz took me to a meeting of the Shadybrook philosophy group. After the meet, they treated us to lunch.

Dietz and I went to a Coffee Crawl Meetup event at Presti's Bakery n Little Italy on November 10. It's the first time I have gone to Little Italy since arriving in Greater Cleveland in 2010

Painted my toenails for Holloween

Lorraine and I hanging out at Muldoons and Dunkin Doughnuts

November 13 meet of Socrates Cafe at the Nervous Dog, LaPlace on Richmond and Cedar Rds

Getting ready for Thanksgiving; 11-18-18 at Dave's Market

Thanksgiving Day - 11-22-18; Dietz came over for lunch.

SHABBAT - 11-23-18; Dietz and I in the lobby of KOL HALEV Reconstructionist Temple. Giraffic Park?

This is one of the prettiest dogs I have seen. I once owned a chihuahua but he looked nothing like this! Loganberry Bookstore at Larchmere Holliday Stroll 11-24-18

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