Duct Tape Festival - June, 15, 2013
6/15/2013 - The 2013 Duct Tape Festival at Avon, Ohio

The tenth annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival kicked off on June 14, 2010, always in time to celebrate Father’s Day. The festival was an all-weekend event starting Friday at 4:00 p.m. at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Avon, Ohio.

This three-day event celebrated duct tape, its enthusiasts and its wacky and fun uses. The festival also honored the history and heritage of the city that is proclaimed the “Duct Tape Capital” of the world, Avon, Ohio, the home of Duck brand duct tape.

From sculptures and fashion to games and a parade, everything at the festival revolved around duct tape and the wonderful City of Avon.


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