Early November, 2007
The Turning Trees of Pearson Park - 11/6/07
The Wisdom of Carl Dietrich
1. "Holy Mackeral!"

2. "Something smells fishy."

3. "Where is that scale of justice?"

4. "Where did I put those loaves?"

5. "Don't make Sonya mad."

6. "Which way to the laboratory?"

7. "Somebody lost the map to fin land."

8. "Sonya's thrilled to the gills."

9. "Some people get really creative with aluminum foil and a couple of marbles."

10. "Wait until the preacher calls for a 'special offering!'"
Dying Pumpkin On Veterans Day - 11/12/07

Gingy Arrives! - 11/14/07
Pearson Park: Golding To Winter - 11/14/07

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