Shlomoh's and Suzanne's New York Trip - Christmas Week, 2012
West 76th Street Flea Market
Columbus Avenue Gourmet Outdoors
Central Park - December 23
Going downtown on the Broadway local [number 1]
Rockerfeller Center - December 23
Saint Patrick's Cathedral - December 23
Dinner with Tony and Julie - December 23
West 70s
Times Square, Marriot Marquis Lobby, Empire State Building
Christmas Eve Pasta Dinner
Christmas Day
Christmas Day with Bernard and Yoli, and friends
With Kenny Bossewitch at WSIS Senior Lunch, in subway, and at Jack's Bargain Store

Empire State Building - Visiblity was less than 25% and they charged robbery rates

Wolfman in the subway playing fiddle
Dinner with the Cronens

Cronen bathroom humor
Lunch with Victoria
Central Park - December 30 - Suzanne builds a snowman. Many people stopped to view and interact with the snowman
Unfortunately we did niot have the wherewith all to hang around and take pictures. The weather was bad and I was not feeling well.
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island trip on a cold, wintery day. Also stops at Trinity Church and Ground Zero site.
New Years Eve in Central Park - the perfect end to a perfect holiday season and week.

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