Weekend of October 20, 2018

Comments by Dietz Zeichmann
SAT. Oct. 20, 2018 12-1 PM

Ever wonder what it’s like to reach out beyond your comfort zone? Beyond what is familiar? The tradition of cross-cultural and cross-religious blessings is an ancient one, though, unfortunately, one that always not always been recognized by the ignorant, the shallow, insecure, arrogant, and greedy. This weekend we have an opportunity to help spread feelings of amity and harmony across the hemispheres, those invisible bonds that can mean so much, though some find so hard to recognize.

A group of exiled Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Labrang Tashikyl Monastery are in our area to promote global goodwill and to raise funds for their order. We intend to meet with them at Noon at Spirit Corner Park (corner of Hampshire Rd. & Cadwell Ave.), 2 blocks east of Coventry Road, and walk peacefully to Musicians Towers, 2727 Lancashire Road, the tallest building in the Village, reaching it by 12:30, where a blessing of harmony is scheduled to be said for the building, its residents, the village, and ever-outward concentric circles of community. People of all faiths - religious and secular - are welcome to attend.

(Tax-deductible donations of $20 are suggested to recognize the monks’ work, though really any amount will be appreciated. Buddhist and Tibetan handicrafts brought by the monks will also be available for sale.) The Unitarian-Universalist Society of Cleveland has been helpful in providing backup support. Lovinghands Yoga and Reiki has invited the monks to our city and facilitated their work. More details can be obtained from lovinghandsyoga.com and Judith Eugene at 216-408-5578. Dietz Ziechmann, Musicians Towers resident. 320-1088.

Friendly local resources:

Lovingkindness Yoga is “a small and intimate studio whose aim is to promote health and peace through the mindful practice of yoga, reiki and mindful meditation”

The Unitarian-Universalist Society of Cleveland has Sunday weekly services from 10:45AM -12:00PM. Workshops, social activities, and free voluntary anonymous sessions for those suffering from a variety of addictions. Call the office at 216-932-1898. www.uucleveland.org.

The photos by Shlomoh

Blessings within and around Musicians Towers, The monks chanted their songs of love, peace, and harmony. Can the Towers and the Village now be said to be enchanted? A sales clerk at Crazy Mullets, new to town and looking for a spiritual place, saw the reference to the U-U Society on my flyer and asked if it is one and got an affirmation from me.

Approaching Lancashire Road from the North.
The monks cross the rear deck at Musicians Towers on the enchanting circumambulation of the Towers. Rounding the east lawn at the Towers. Shlomoh Sherman, observer and camera man.

I face as MC Judith Eugene of Lovinghands Yoga and Reiki, organizer of the monks trip to Cleveland and the monks from the Labrang Tashikyl Monastery in the Community Room of Musicians Towers. I read a portion of the Dalai Lama's humanity embracing comments to a French filmmaker published in 1993.
SUN. Oct. 21, 2018 11AM-2 PM
Meeting of the Socrates Cafe Social Group. From Left to right: Mike Sauka, Shlomoh Sherman, Doc Janning
MON. Oct. 22, 2018 8:30 AM
Blue Monday - felt shitty but Lorraine cheered me up!

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