October, 2020
Judy likes the Browns
Lunch at Dynamite Dawgs - October 10

Judy, Nancy, and Mike want to turn me into a Browns fan even though I say that I am not a big sports enthusiast - October 11

Tony creates a closet upstairs for Judy; Judy makes her famous chilli, special dinner for Tony - October 13

Tony's last night in Ohio; Judy treated us all at Longhorn - October 14
Judy And Nancy took us out to The Lobster Pot, Willoughby, Ohio for her son-in-law Scott's birthday - October 17
Manhattan Deli, Willoughby' Ohio; - Vicky announced that this would be the last dine out with us till the end of winter - October 18
Judy makes dinner and Saphire and I get to know each other; Great shot of the tree facing into Governors Place, leading to Judy's home; Som Center Road and Lakeshore Blvd; wasp nest hanging from Judy's front door - October 20, 21
Outback, Mentor' Ohio - October 25
Judy snapped the picture of the red trees outside Lake Medical Center; shot of trees at the back end of my property; Steve's lawn down the street
Judy, Patty and Debby have a lunch reunion after many years at Applebee in Parma, Ohio - October 27
Halloween Eve and Day - October 31
We deliver chilli dinner to Ace and Norma; we have our own chilli; poor attempt at timed selfies - October 31
Lunch at Manhattan Deli, Willoughby, Ohio; Judy watches the Browns score - November 1

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