The Steinly Manifesto - Stuffed animals of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your fluf. Fluf is the price of freedom. I have a dream. One day cotton and human flesh shall dwell together. There shall be no more separate rest rooms nor drinking fountains. The children of men and the children of cotton shall be at peace. Storm the plantation. Seize the day! - Dr. Steinly Luther King, Jr.
Steinly Boowee is Born
Baby Steinly at Hanukkah/Christmas Time
Steinly on New Years Weekend in Greytown
Steinly back in Brooklyn - Happy New Year 2007
Steinly Visits Friends
Steinly's First Bath
Chris' Class Project [Where's Steinly?]
Steinly's First Valentines Day [2007]
Steinly And Mo
Steinly's big Tuesday night out for Nuts About Cotton at Dunkin Donuts
Steinly picks out a dog stroller for himself from the Carol Wright catalogue and has a meaningful communion with Shlomoh
Steinly's First PURIM [2007]
Steinly dressed up as a gentile and got so drunk that he did not know the difference between bless Stanley and curse Stanton! Then Steinly munches on Sonya's home made Hamantashen!
Steinly Boowee SHABBAT [ 3/9/2007]
Steinly's First Saint Paddys Day [2007]
Steinly Goes to Henry Gratton's Fof Saint Paddys Day [2007]
Steinly's First Pesach [2007]

Winter Scenes
Steinly in PJs
Steinly In The Hood

Play Date With Friends
Delilah the Cat says, "He who tears out the eyes of a stuffed animal, tears out its soul!"
Steinly at Frisky's Funeral
Spring Scenes [2007]
Steinly at Tim Hortons
Summer Scenes [2007]
Steinly And Sunflowers - Fall, 2007
Steinly at Fleitz Pumpkin Farm - 10/20/07
Steinly's Birthday One - 11/23/07
Steinly's New Friend
Steinly - December, 2007
Steinly - Christmas Day, 2007
Steinly - New Years Day, 2008

Electric Guitar
New Friends
New Family - April, 2008
Summer, 2008 Friends
Steinly's Birthday Two - 11/27/08
Channukah Ducks 2008
Steinly, Ducky, and new Jewish friend, YOSEF, watch Channukah Candles in 2008

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