Veterans Day - November 11, 2008 - Toledo's Jewish Community Honors Its Veterans

Veteran’s Day Assembly
November 11, 2008

ProcessionMiss Steele
Star Spangled Banner Everyone
WelcomeRebecca Poznanski
Prayer Mrs. Garsek
Creed Ben Yaffe
History of Veteran’s Day Matthew Rothschild
The Quilt Rochael Rubin
World War I/In Flanders Hanna Ramirez
Charley Kale
World War II Samantha Walkin
Howard Yaffe
Isadore Leibovitz
Milford Romanoff
Harry Schulman
Ralph Isenstein
Al Dickson
Jerry Feldlstein
Marvin Adler
Arthur Friedman
Korea Kayla McQueen
Booker McQueen
Dr. Marvin Rubin
Murray Goldberg
Billy Sherman
Vietnam Avi Carr-Gloth
Jim Huss
Shlomoh 5herman
Ronald Levi
Gulf War Charley Kale
War on Terror Shakked Buller
Benny Buller
Heroes Kayla Bernstein
Dahlia Zack
Deborah Becker
Jamie Sherman
Memorial to deceased veterans Julian Liber
Rabbi Elihu Rickel
Jack Rickel
Sam Caplowe
Ralph Wolpaw
Marvin Yoffe
Harmon Rusgo
Sidney Metger
Charles Liber
Benjamin Zack
Leon Becker
Don Edwards
Nathan Rice
Herbert Wagoner
Elliot Davis
Rabbi Isadore Garsek
Saul Louis Flox
Moment of Silence Yanna Friedman
Peace Will Come Lila Goldman
Our Pledge Julian Liber
Avi Levison
I am the Flag Nathan Podolsky
America the Beautiful Everyone
Closing Remarks Rene Levy

Thank you to
• All our veterans and their guests.
• The fourth and fifth graders for their hard work.
• The students and staff for their participation.
• All the teachers at The Stone Hebrew Academy for their continued dedication to this program.
• The teachers of the fourth and fifth graders for their classroom time.
• The parents of our students who understand the the importance of this day
• Jill Lane for her assistance.
• Dr. LeeAnne Bohleke and Rene Levy for their support of this assembly.
• The Temple Shomer Emunim for use of the facilities.
• The staff of the Temple for helping us prepare.

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