These are old listings which I have not checked for at least seven years and so I cannot guarantee that they are all current or even active. I am providing this page as a service for anyone new to show biz who may need a few starting reference points.

SHOWBIZ SITES [not available now] -
Omnipop Actor Tips

[not available now] - Links

[not avaialable now] Giglist Today's Jobs

Job Find at Playbill.Com Shakespeare Talent
Search PDF File
[page not available now] - Shakespeare Service
For Actors PDF File
[not available] - My 8 By 10 EasyCasting UpToDateServices
One On One ActorsConnection Forum for entertainers to network
Auditions that automatically update every 20 minutes Audiitons.Net You Must Act Freebees
ActorPoint Forums Acting Headquarters Mandy.Com - international film and TV production resources
[not available now] Auditions & Casting Calls
dramanyc   appears more clearly with IE Drama Guild Email List futurecasting NY Talent Agencies
[not available now] The Actor's Resource [not available now] - The Buzz Talent Agencies Brain Bank Talent Agencies
[not available] Star Search Casting Forum [Site not available now] -
EXTRAS SITES [site not available now] - caryn-film
Filmfaces NYCCasting [not available] - Assistant Directors Extras For
Movies NY
The Screen Actors Guild
1515 Broadway, 44th fl.,
New York, NY 10036
(212-944-1030; fax 944-6774
COMEDY SITES Judy Carter's Comedy Workshops Puchline directories
Complete guide to
hack standup comedy
Best Jewish Jokes Website In The World Humor Links standups [noy avialable now] workcareercenter
[site not available now] -
From Newsgroups: alt.comedy.standup
[not available now] - Gregg Siegel's monologuejokes
[not available now] - The Onion comedyzine TO DO List The Comedy Zine
WitWorld [not available now] - Jests And Jokes - gaylesbo jokes for idiots
email to Eric Richman thestandupsasylum
NYC Underground Comedy
Cantu's Humor Mall New York Planet Weekly Comedy List
Chucklemonkey for comedians and
comedian wanna-bes
HeyLady.Com Argus' Column For Today
[not available now] - Comedy Lab The Modern Humorist Satirewire
OneLiners Late Night
Joke Archives
SydesJokes Funnyfirm
Open Mics - Tri-State area
the Improv Info Resource
[not available] - [not avaiable] - kenstock/scenes.htm
monologue.html [site not available now ] - Monologues for Actors

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