The Eternal Shame of the Allied Powers - 1944

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Additionally, you can see the photographs taken by Allied Reconnaissance Flights conducted in August, 1944 over Birkenau at the following url"

For several years, people who had first hand knowledge of the death camps had informed the various allied governments of their existence.

Davies writes: "As early as September, 1940 a courageous officer of the Polish Underground, Witold Pilecki had succeeded in penetrating Auschwitz. He spent two years organizing secret resistence cells inside the camp before escaping. Yet the information gathered was not judged credible outside of Poland ... When a Polish courier visited Washington to give an eye-witness account of the death camps, he was countered by the chilling words of Chief Justice Frankfurter: 'We don't say that you're lying, but ...' ... When the proposal was eventually made to bomb the approaches to Auschwitz, the Allied Powers found reasons to refuse."

Not only that but, Davies continues: "... critics complain that 'the Holocaust Industry' has exploited Jewish suffering for political ends. The film-maker Claude Lanzmann won less than universal acceptance for his film Shoah. "

Auschwitz bombing debate
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The issue of why Auschwitz concentration camp was not bombed by the Allies during World War II continues to be explored by historians.

"Michael Berenbaum has argued that it is not only a historical question, but 'a moral question emblematic of the Allied response to the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust.' David Wyman has asked: 'How could it be that the governments of the two great Western democracies knew that a place existed where 2,000 helpless human beings could be killed every 30 minutes, knew that such killings actually did occur over and over again, and yet did not feel driven to search for some way to wipe such a scourge from the earth?'"

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Additionally, the actual footage of the Reconnaissance Flights over Auschwitz can be seen in this YouTube History Channel documentary here

On February 28, 2013, The Jerusalem Post ran an article, THE JEWISH PROBLEM - FROM ANTI-JUDAISM TO ANTI-SEMITISM By David Turner. Mr. Turner begins his article as follows:
"A 1944 survey found that 24.2% of Americans considered Jews 'most dangerous' compared to 8% for Germans and 16% for Japanese. American soldier fighting Germany and Japan, but American Jews were considered 'most dangerous'." He also informs us that "Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an antisemite."     read the article

And on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, the New English Review ran the story, NEW STUDY REVEALS FDR OPPOSITION TO BOMBING AUSCHWITZ.
It states"All that was needed was to bomb the train tracks. The Allies bombed the targets nearby. The pilots only had to nudge their crosshairs. You think they didnít know? They knew. They didnít bomb because at the time the Jews didnít have a state, nor the political force to protect themselves."     The article can be found     Here

The article on the website, WHY DIDN'T THE ALLIES BOMB AUSCHWITZ? by Dr. Rafael Medo, states
"Allied ships were diverted to bring thousands of Muslims on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca in 1943 Ė at the same time U.S. officials were saying no ships were available to take Jewish refugees out of Europe."     The article can be found     Here

Yet today, our government has the wherewithall to bring thousands of Syrian refugees, some of whom are terrorists, to our shores.

We not only have to remember the millions of our brothers and sisiters who were killed in the Holocaust but also to remember how FDR and our military could have saved many of them but refused because they were only Jews. It was the culmination of 2000 years of persecuting and killing Jews.

In ancient Christendom, they said to us, "You have no right to live among us as Jews."
In the Middle Ages, they said to us, "You have no right to live among us."
Finally, within our own recollection, they said to us, "You have no right os live!"

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