When Adam was first created he lived alone. His feeling of aloneness was so all-pervasive that he was never able to forget it. Seeing that each creature had its mate only increased his feeling of existential loneliness. So Adam prayed for a mate - to take away the loneliness. Then G-d took a rib from Adam - the bone closest to his heart -and created Eve.

Now the man and the woman are no longer alone. Yet the FEELING of loneliness remains with Adam, - remains with Eve, - a feeling that never will leave them - except when they love each other.

So he takes her into his arms and she takes him into her embrace, each of them pressing the other close - wishing to become one again - but together.

They sink to the soft warm earth of Eden, still embracing and kissing. Oh when they find  each others mouths that very first time - they burst into tears! Oh the sensation! Their lips, their tongues, - saying I LOVE YOU! - yet without words. A dew settles over the earth and grass of the garden. G-d's dew, covering their bodies as well. Glistening leaves stick to their skin, and soft warm moist earth as well.

They are hungry for each other - beyond the hunger of the flesh - no, the hunger is for more than that!

"Oh take away the loneliness my beloved!" they beg one another. And kiss! And kiss! Their mouths moving over each others wet bodies, their hands loving each other; the earth loving them too! She presses herself against him and carresses his face, his ears, his head with her loving fingers. He holds her more tightly than he knew it was possible to hold a woman. Their hearts wish to burst!

"Oh I am so cold my beloved" she sighs to him.

"I will cover you as a blanket my love and cause you to feel my warmth and to recieve it within your holy body" he promises her. She closes her eyes, holding him ever closer to herself, locking him into her body. Her arms and legs enwrap him in a loving embrace of gratitude. He has kept his promise to her. Loving her and warming her in his arms, he thrusts his love hardened penis into her sweet sweet vagina, and she squeezing it with her vaginal muscles, all the while carressing him, kissing him, holding him, telling him of her love. And he loving her more and more with every word she speaks.

And when at last they come together, their moans and screams of joy echo through the garden causing all creatures to stand still, frozen in silence and wonderment. Never have they heard such sounds before. It is something different from their own crude animal grunts. It is something - divine! It is something -in the image of G-d!

They lie together, still locked in love's embrace, refusing to part, and  weeping - but now the tears are not of sadness nor loneliness. No, they are tears of love's joy!

Darkness covers Eden. "Will you spleep in my arms?" he asks her.

"Yes!" she whispers in the growing darkness as the stars emerge in their celestial splendor. The Creator covers them with His heavenly canopy. She cannot help but repeat "Yes! Yes! Yes!".

Their eyes close.

He says, "As long as you are in my arms you can never be lonely again."

She opens her eyes and gazes at him.

"And when I am not in your arms?" she asks.

He touches her face with loving fingers.

"As long as you are in my thoughts and in my heart you can never be lonely again" he says.

He kisses her eyelids and holds her close.

They sleep.

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