by Shlomoh Sherman
This story is dedicated to my significant other, Sonya Tikvah

When Solomon the king was advanced in years, he turned away from YHWH who had loved him, and he went to the House of Ashtarte and there he bowed down to Her upon his knees, and said,  "Oh Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Hear me. To your House will I give generously of all my possessions if You will favor me, Your humble servant."

So saying, he prostrated  himself to Her at her altar and prayed, "Ashtarte, I will give You my soul in exchange for Your love. I have loved  the gods and goddesses of the nations from my youth as I have loved YHWH who brought my ancestors out of Egypt.

But now I have turned away from all the divinities to seek only Your favor amd Your love. Love me and I will build a House for You in Israel and will worship only You and bring you my gifts to present them to You in loving intimacy."

After several moments of silence, he rose up and burnt incense to the Goddess and once again prostrated himself before Her altar ..... and wept.

Then he lifted his arms in supplication and begged for her favor. Lifting his hands to heaven, he said, "Oh Queen of Heaven, hear me and answer me NOW!"

Then She appeared to him and offered him Her love.
And he loved her with all his heart.

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