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What is hidden from you I shall reveal … these are some of the things that you want to know - these are my secrets. Read them if you are ready. I am described as the Pentinent Harlot . I do not mind this description of me - in its simplicity, it hides the great truth. I was never married to Joshua - the Anointed One - the one you have come to call Christ. Yet I am his Bride & his Sister - I AM the Beloved. Joshua was married to Mary of Bethany - there were no children from this union. Yet his bloodline continues on through me… I AM Mary the Magdalene. I will tell you of the greatest love the world has ever known …


I lived in the town of Magdala. It was a wonderful town - a port town, right on the Sea of Galilee. It was filled with all the wonders of the world. We had over 40,000 people, 2 synagogues. Houses, paved streets, a bath house, swimming baths, shops and squares. The soil was rich and the weather a miracle. We had figs, olives, dates, grapes, oranges, limes, lemons and all manner of flowering trees & vegetables. We made the finest dyes in the lands. The richest of colors. I have always favored the deep reds t hat we made .. I have become known for my infamous taste for the color red. Magdala also had over 240 fishing ships and all manner of salted fishes. Traders came from all over to trade for our goods and we had spices, incenses, oils, make up and exotic tins & metals and jewels from exotic and far off lands! Magdala was a lively town and I and the priestesses of Goddess did a lively trade in goods and had amassed quite a good fortune. I was the Head Priestess of our Goddess Temple. It was on t he night of the Heiros Gamos Ceremony. The ceremony was performed once a year to assure the prosperity of the harvest, the earth and the Goddess. It was on that night - that fateful Night that I first met him. Joshua. I have relived this night for all eternity … it is my secret.

We had been preparing for the ceremony for weeks. The temple was filled with flowers, candles and incense. All manner of meats, bread, fruits and goodies were still in preparation for the harvest banquet.

Special little honey cakes folded into a triangle & stuffed with poppy seeds were being prepared as moon cakes for the Goddess. A whirlwind of happy women bustled about in last minute preparations, as I and several of the priestesses bathed, oiled, painted and groomed me for the evenings ceremony. I will choose a mate for the Sacred Marriage Bed and together we will unite in a union of the God & the Goddess. This blessed union is a sacred event that will assure the abundance of the land. As the temple start ed to fill up with people for the evenings event. Fate happened - Joshua and his group of disciples entered the temple. The priestesses all bustled with gossip of him, his mission - and how I must ABSOLUTELY NOT choose him or any of his disciples! The time rushed on to the time of my entrance into the temple. The crowd had been treated to dancing, music, foods all culminating to the moment when I would enter the main temple. I stepped into the doorway - the crowd fell into a hush as the musi c started. I beg an to slowly undulate through the crowd. Stopping to dance with important men from Magdala. The crowd was mesmerized, who will I choose? Suddenly he was in front of me. Everything else faded away. I was swept into the moment of timelessness … when everything and everyone but him and I were gone. He stared at me with an amused look in his eyes. I had stopped dancing - I was just standing there and staring at him for more than a few seconds. He laughed and said, “Well, are you to c hoose me to be your God - or another?” I reached out to take his hand & immediately we were moving through the crowd to the Bridal Chamber, swept through them all & the next thing I was standing facing him - all alone now, just the two of us. He was breathtaking - light just glowed all around him - like it was a part of him. He was by far the most handsome man I have ever seen. I said, “they tell me you are a Prophet - like John the Baptist. An Essence, a Jew from the li ne of David & married. What where you doing here tonight at the Goddess Temple my Lord?

“I have come to find you Sophia, you will be my Helen” and he wrapped his beautiful fingers into my deep henna- red hair and pulled me close. “Your lips are like the finest wine” and he kissed me on my mouth. As he drew me down unto the pillows and the furs he said, “since we are making love as the God and the Goddess, we will have to make love for every one of your gods and goddesses, Inanna & Dumuzi, Aphrodite & Adonis, Ishtar & Tammuz … and for the next 7 days we spent every minute together in that room. We made love, we laughed, we ate, we slept - but most of all we talked, and talked and talked …

Let me tell you of one curious story that he told. Here is what he said, “I want to talk to you about part of my father’s mission. Do you know the story of Tamar, David’s daughter?” A little, I told him, wasn’t Tamar raped by her brother, I asked. “Yes, my beloved, and I before I am done, I will raise the fallen daughter to the seat of the divine Queen. Tamar, David’s first born daughter, was dedicated to the temple, like you, my love. Like you, she was dedicated to the land, she was the priestess of the Co urt. She always sat at David’s right hand at the banquet table. She upheld the worship of the land, followed the moons and the tides. When Absalom, David’s first born son, invited her to his room to make him Moon Cakes, goddess cakes, and then scattered the blessed cakes to the ground and then defiled the priestess, he defiled the land, the lakes and the seas. This was the end of the David’s anointment with God. His kingdom fell apart and God raised up Solomon, the only one of David’s son s who understand th e relationship between women - the lands and the waters. Do you understand my beloved?” I do, I told him, and now I understand why you are here with me … although I was not to understand the implications of this conversation until after he was gone from me. I will not share with you all the details of these shining hours and days. Let me just tell you that he and I are still the Lover and the Beloved - and we will be for all time.

I became his partner, his financial supporter and his best student. After he was gone I was to become his most ardent Apostle - I traveled the world and spread the news of his teachings. Much is known about the teaching time. How we all traveled together and the events leading up to his last days with us.

I want to talk about the last hours and days, the last Passover and how I became John the Divine.


Months had past since the Hieros Gamos. It became obvious that I was pregnant. To protect me I began to dress as a man. I clipped off my hair, stopped putting on makeup and traveled amongst the disciples. They called me John - the Divine. Lately it has been discovered that the figure seated to the right of Christ at the Last Supper, looks like a woman - and that it could be me. It is me - dressed as a man. Joshua’s last words to his mother and I at the foot of the cross were, “Behold, thy mother” He was tel ling me, that his Mother, Mary was the Goddess and my mother now. Then to his mother he said, Woman, behold thy son.” These were his last words of love and praise to me. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas he says when asked, when will the kingdom come? “When the two, shall become one, neither Male nor Female.” This is the balance of the God and the Goddess within. The balance of yin and yang - male and female energies. I had become human being - neither male nor female. This was his final compliment - to make me man - the logos - the word. Known as John I have authored two chapters in the bible, John and Apocalypse.

I Mary Magdalene AM the perfect MAN.

I have inherited the Light.

After he was gone, it became very unsafe for me. Obviously pregnant, my disguise as John no longer would hide me. As Mary of Bethany, his wife had never bared him a child - my child was next in the line of David. Joseph of Arimethea, Mary and my most loyal priestess and friend, Mary of Egypt set to sea to reach a safe place. We spent many, many days on that terrible boat. Stricken by the most profound grief I had ever known, along with being heavily pregnant - - the days rolled on in an continually blackness. When I would drift off to sleep, I would wake up suddenly remembering -- waves of sickness would take me. For me it was not just morning sickness, but an feeling of nauseous sickness that invaded even my sleep. It was my Dark Night of the Soul - although I had put on a brave front for the disciples in the days and weeks after Joshua’s death, the sadness had now invaded me and taken over. Only the feeling of the life inside me, his child, our future hope - the next Annointed One and Ki ng, little movements inside me, reassured me that he and the Goddess were still with us. Other than those brief moments when I felt the child move, it felt as if we had all been abandoned by the Light.

A terrible storm had tossed and turned our little boat. The udder had been ripped off during the storm and the oars washed overboard. We were truly in his hands, with no way to steer the boat. Early one morning I awoke after a curious dream. I dreamed of a beautiful dark Gypsy Woman. I dreamt that she rose up out of the sea, like a glorious dolphin and pulled up all to shore.

In the Gypsy Camp at what is now known as Maries de le Mere - the Gypsy Queen, Kali, awoke from her sleep. She had been dreaming a curious dream. She had dreamed that the woman of a man they had called Christ - the Light were stranded in a boat - drifting aimlessly. Kali was so moved by this dream, it felt like a prophecy. Upon waking she dressed and headed down to the sea. Far off in the distance she thought she spotted a boat! She kicked off her shoes, stripped off her bangles and bracelets in a pile on t he beach and dove into the sea. She swiftly swan out toward the small object on the horizon. As she got closer she saw that indeed it was a boat. Kali swam right up to the side of the boat - it was a group of women! And one of them was very pregnant! Joseph gestured to her there situation, no oars. Kali dove under the surface and came up with her dress in her hands. She handed one end of her dress to Joseph, she tied the skirt around her naked waist and started to swim towards the sh ore.

The next thing I remember is waking up warm, bundled in furs. Surrounded by beautiful gypsy girls, who bathed me, dressed me and fed me little bits of warm stews and breads, while they clucked and made concerned sounds over me. I felt safe - now I could sleep and await what I was ABSOLUTELY SURE TO BE the birth of our son - the next anointed King.


The birthing time had arrived. The hours leading up to the birth of our child all blur into oblivion, the moments after the birth string out into the longest moments in time. Breathless, exhausted, with a half a dozen gypsy girls and my dear friend Mary of Egypt huddled around me - the baby was free. They held the baby up into the air with shouts of delight, and I felt like I was falling into a deep pit. I thought that I couldn’t have possibly fallen any further - disappointed washed over me. It is a girl.

They tried to put the baby in my arms. I would not take her. They put her down on the bedding next to me.

I pushed my aching body up and turned on my side - so I would not see her. Mary said to me, “Miriam, it is a priestess - your first born girl, she will be a great woman, like you. I know that you wanted to have a son, you must forget all this political nonsense with the Jewish people. Miriam, I know that you loved him, but it is over now. Do not turn your back on this babe, she is his child, his daughter too.”

I felt nothing. I could hear a great celebration going on outside of the tent. Mary said that the whole camp was celebrating. A great Queen had been born to them. They kept asking me to name the baby. I could not speak, the energy to form words and make them come out of my mouth had left me. They insisted that I breast feed her. No milk formed in my breasts. I was turning into stone. Mary said if I would not pick a name for my daughter, that she would. I said nothing. They called her Sarah - the Hebrew name for Queen.

I felt nothing.

I was wasting away. I refused food. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to feel even a glimpse of him.

I felt nothing. I took to walking. I would walk great distances from the camp every day. I would wander off and some how end up back at the camp. I found a cave - I did not go back. Days, turned into weeks, turned into months. My hair had grown long around me. I had wasted away into a frail child. I had found a patch of radishes near the cave and on these sour vegetables, I sustained life. I felt nothing.


I had been on my knees, praying for a vision of him, to remember his face, for any little detail of him that I had forgotten and it happened. I was lifted up - I felt my body rise up into the air and I thought this is it, I soul is free of my weary body. I am rising up, up, on angel’s wings and he is before me … and we are together. I AM with him. He is speaking, I can hear his words and yet his lips are not moving.

MIR I AM - what are you doing? When I saw you in the garden in my Robe of Light I told you knew me not. When I spoke to you I told you - do not cling to me. Our daughter, Sarah, she is a Great Queen.

She will not be the fallen daughter, she is to be a Queen. This was my mission for you. I guided your boat to a spot where my daughter would be a Divine Queen of the people. Your life mission is not over.

Do not ever let my daughter become Tamar.

I was back in front of the cave. I went back to camp. I took a bath, groomed myself and put on a clean dress. That night at dinner, I said, “So what are these cards with the numbers and symbols on them you tell fortunes with and play games with?” Mary of Egypt raised one eyebrow and said, “So, you can still speak, I thought maybe you have been struck dumb.” “You didn’t answer my question” I quipped back, “tell me about their cards.”

to be continued ....

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