Now Noah lay upon his bed, his wife beside him, sleeping. The rain fell hard, beating against the roof of the Ark, relentlessly. He could not sleep. He was unable to see the lightning becuase the L--d had tightly shut up the Ark and enclosed all within a dark womb of safety, while outside the anti-amniotic liquid fell, bringing death. Yet he heard the constant claps and roaring of thunders, drowning out the screams of the dying; those who had committed unspeakable violence - against nature itself. For they had sought G-d's own immortality in the fusing of the powers of the natural kingdom; thinking to unite all those animal qualities by acts of bestiality. Thus, not a copulation of loving - but a fornication of power drunken madness! Now, as the world of insanity outside perished, the very animals in their cages and in their stalls sought to reafirm the wholeness of their loves and beings. For they alone, of all living creatures - two by two - had been spared the unspeakable depravity of acts inspired by G-d power lust. And so, they began to move, to love, slowly at first, then building. Their thrusting, their grunting, their screaming, their sighing. As the rains of death fell, THEY engaged in the dance of life, loudly proclaiming that they were begetting, to refill the earth at the L--d's behest. They proclaimed for all the world to hear. But all the world lay deaf to their love-making.

Only Noah heard, and understood, for he alone lay awake, his mind gathering in the awfull immensity of responsibility thrust upon him, -to rebuild the world of human life from his own loins. And therewith, his loins began to swell, and in that swelling, he became ever more aware of what was transpiring around him, - from every cage, from every stall - the sounds and movements of blind desire - desire for life and love.

He awakened his wife, and when her consciousness took in the motions and the emotions of raw loving nature, she too wished to respond in that same way. She threw her arms around her husband, Noah, and bid him embrace her. And they two loved, their flesh pressed hard against one another in rapture, kissing and fondling, touching and carressing, they joined the animals in the dance of life - erotic and loving, passionate and romantic - all in one.

Then suddenly - as they came together, it appeared that the deep darkness of the Ark disappeared. As their moans and screams of passionate love drowned out even the loudest thundering, it appeared that the Ark became flooded with brilliance of colors, as a rainbow after the storm has passed, and the sun breaks through, revealing a new day - of hope.

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