ALL ABOUT TRUMP: Two Perspectives

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January 21, 2017 · Euclid, OH
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Yesterday I posted a simple verse from the Bible. One of my friends reacted, not responded, to that as follows: "It's safe to Make America Hate Again. Shallow philosophy. Idolatrous thinking. What more could you ask for?" This was in response to my posting a Biblical verse. Here was my response:

"You have to be careful about how you characterize what's happening. Why is this all about hate? Does the new president advocate hate? He is not about political correctness. He correctly is weary about the problem of Islam and terror in this century and he is not about diversity, and why should he be? Diversity, by definition, means selecting people to fill slots based on their religion, ethnic background, race, or some other condition that places them out of the norm. That implies quotas like we owe something to someone. We don't. Jews have suffered from a quota system for a long time - which actually led to many of us being denied escaping from concentration camps. And in the late 20th century, kept more qualified Jews out of universities because they did not have the correct pigmentation. There is anger in this country and the president addressed it. Anger does not equal hate. It is justified anger. Among the many reasons that the president won and she didn't is that she not only does not know how to speak to people who are different from she but does not care to speak to them. A lady I recently met told me that the president held rallies.

RALLIES! They energize people. They put them into an emotional state that draw them to the leader. I don't recall one rally that Crooked Hillary held. Latte sipping liberals, Hollywood elites, special interest groups don't attend rallies. Some minorities attend destructive demonstrations but those are not rallies.

If you are saying that this administration is one of hate, you are indicting the vast numbers of marginalized Americans that don't inhabit the coasts. She got 3 million more votes than the Leader but those votes are from California and New York only. As Carly Fiorina pointed out, take those states away and HE got the majority of votes.

I don't live on any coast. I don't want the coasts constantly choosing my leaders. And finally you are saying that a simple quote from our Bible spews hate. Sit down and think about that. And prove to me that president Trump is about hate."

Shlomoh Sherman is with Tony Dadika.
January 21, 2016
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Not only did Falwell compare Trump favorably to the late Reverend Jerry Falwell, Sr.—a comparison Trump deemed “an honor”—but also to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Never mind the cognitive dissonance there: Where King battled to break down the walls of Jim Crow, the elder Falwell made his mark as a segregationist.

Oh, and don’t forget Jesus. The younger Falwell compared Trump to him, too.
Which actually makes a bit more sense than the King comparison, if you consider that, as Sarah Posner has posited at Religion Dispatches, Trump is running a messianic campaign. Only in this case, the messiah, of course, is Trump himself.

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