By Shlomoh
March 8 2004

If there ever is an amendment banning gay marriage, which I doubt there ever will be, but if there is, that amendment won't be the end. It will be the beginning.

Then expect ammendments to ban divorce, abortion, amd anything else that the right can get away with. And see this country run by the Bible instead of the Constitution.

The administration seems to want to turn the country into a 21st century version of Salem.

Regarding Howard Stern and the wiping away of freedom of speech. The FCC now knows that punishing Stern will backfire on them. Howard expects to be punished and Infinity is ready to back him.

Before he goes of the air for good, there will be a constant barage of messages from him to his millions of listeners all over America to get rid of Bush and the Republican administration.

Stern says he has nothing against Republicans and find some of their ideas good. But he hates the kowtowing to the religious pressure groups.
This gay marriage flak has caused a lot of resentment on both sides of the issue - that and the attack on our freedoms of expression. If Bush is elected, expect the worst. You will be reduced to the level of a child.

What do I mean? Your adulthood will be disrespected. The ONLY books, movies, TV, radio, and internet that will be allowed to you will be on the level of a child. Access to necessary information will be denied you. The people who need sex information the most will suffer the most.

That's why this administration of Bush and Ashcroft has to go, and I believe it will.

Jesus wasn't the only man crucified. Lenny Bruce also was crucified for speaking freely. Support Howard Stern. Don't let the thought police win! Else you will see book burning and mind burning reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia!

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