What Is Fascism And How It Relates To What Is Happening In The United States.

by Shlomoh
May 16, 2023

In his book, THE CROWD: EXTRAORDINARY POPULAR DELUSIONS AND THE MADNESS OF CROWDS, Gustav Lebon said that in the 20th century, beliefs were disappearing, and that the only force that was impervious to the challenge was the power of the crowd. He said that the 20th century would be the Era of the Crowd. It would be the era of mass politics, which would be less elitist and more popular. At that point, politics would become more simplistic and more homogeneous.

When individuals identify with the crowd, they lose their ability to think for themselves and their thinking becomes CROWD-THINK. The individual who is in the crowd becomes hypnotized. Once hypnotized, the hypnotizer does not tell the crowd the truth. He tells them what they want to hear. The masses always prefer to believe whatever makes them feel good, even turning away from evidence. We can see this particularly when we look at religion. The hypnotizer appeals to the crowd's emotions, and whatever can supply them with what they want to hear becomes the truth. Anyone who disagrees with the crowd-truth becomes not only the enemy but the Demon.

Both Hitler and Mussolini appealed to their crowds by telling them that once their agenda was accepted by the crowd, their nation would become great again.

Ultimately, both Mussolini and Hitler told the crowd; Do not think with your heads. Think only with the blood of the nation, your nation. The truth is within your blood so use your blood to discover the truth. And that will make our nation great again. Those who are against us and our blood are not part of our blood and therefore not a real part of our nation. They are to be rooted out in order to preserve our blood and our way of life.

Having said all this, I encourage you to watch the video found. At this URL.




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