By Shlomoh Sherman
June, 2008

There is all kinds of spin now that the Jewish issue has come up in this [2008] election.

"Obama may not hate Israel. But he does not love Israel either."
So say many Jewish folks.

On Israel, I am willing to bet that Obama is luke warm.
Brother J once said, Don't be lukewarm; don't be PARVE or I'll spit you out.

Republicans have a solid history supporting Israel [except Bush Sr]; that's about the only thing positive you can say about them. Democrats, with the eception of Truman and LBJ, have a lousy history in regard to Israel.

Obama is right up there with Jimmy Carter, a naive polyanna about life, especially about the Middle East. He hasn't the slightest idea of whom he is dealing with. He actually believes he can REASONABLY talk to the SHMATA-heads. Now add to that, his array of buddies, many of them left wing crazy radicals who DO hate Israel and who DO hate Jews. He has gathered around him people notorious for their pro-Palestinian stand. Even HAMAS loves Obama. So as far as I am concerned, even if he does not hate Israel, his friends will convince him to act as though he does hate Israel. He will weeaken Israel more badly than either Carter or Bill Clinton did.

Don't get me wrong; Mrs Arkansas Ugly is no better. She and her Satanic husband are a cancer when it comes to the Middle East. Because Clinton was busy getting blow jobs from the little fat Jewess, he had no time to deal with BinLaden and company. Clinton could have prevented 9/11. So his bitch wife is no better than he, and only a LITTLE better than Obama.

Now let me deal with McCain. JonnyMac is the wrong candidate. It seems that both parties are absolutely out of touch with reality about whom they are choosing for possible presidency. But McCain is a sufficiently middle of the road liberal Republican whom I can trust with certain issues if not all issues. He is not great as a leader but he beats Obama for being in touch with reality and for choosing his friends.

He chose Hagee, as everyone is aware of, and since I have not addressed Hagee, let me do so now.

Hagee is a typical fundamentalist GOY with a typical fundamentalist GOYISHE KUP. What do I mean? Well, when he says that Jews were hunted by evil men in order to fullfill a destiny, he is avoiding responsibility. How have Christians avoided responsibility historically? By their refusal to see or admit the evil role of their religion in causing the Holocaust. Usually they will say things like, "Oh well, those Jew-haters were not real Christians" or "Oh well, the Holocaust was caused by Sin" as though there were actually something called  Sin, with a capital S, floating around the universe rather than sins with a small S. Christians feel so guilty about what they have done to Jews that they have to come up with a scenario in which the Jews need to be punched in the head for their own good. In other words, their Christian theology interferes with their ability to confess their guilt. BUT, and here is the rub. Extremely right wing religious Jews will agree with Hagee to a degree. As long as Jews believe themselves to be a supernatural people and as long as Christians believe Jews are a supernatural people, anything that concerns Jews is going to be looked at through supernatural lenses. We have no power over that. We can't change the thinking of religious people. If we could, the world would be a better place - but we can't. I am at rest with the idea that I cannot change a religious fundamentalist. I am not happy about it but I accept it. People are not black or white as people. We are a mix of good and bad.

So is Hagee. We know what we don't admire about him. So what do we admire about him? Well, for one thing, he is a strong political voice in America in support of Israel. My girl-friend who is familiar with his ministry tells me that he has personally contributed millions of dollars to Israel. Because he sees Israel as a supernatural country, he will continue to treat it as such. So will thousands of his followers. McCain has people like Hagee for friends. Whom does Obama have? Jew haters; - left wing, goofy, dangerous, radical, Moslem loving Jew haters. So if I have to make choices, I'll chose Hagee over Wright. The problem with many liberals is that they have never understood religious people or the religious mindset. How can they? They have never been religious. Therefore, they tend to worry about the motives of people like Hagee. Hagee supports israel because ..... because ....  The truth is, they don't know why he does. No one does. We can speculate but we can't read his mind. The only real statement that can be made about him is that he supports Israel because he supports Israel, because he CHOOSES to do so. Anything more we don't know, and all our speculation is worth crap.

If I learned one positive thing from my two decades of Orthodox Judaism ,it's this Talmudic dictum, "Good deeds do not require good intentions." If someone helps me in a bad situation, I don't enquire as to why he is doing it. I am sure he has his reasons. Only when I suspect what we call negative KAVANNAH, bad intentions, do I draw back from accepting his help. But NO KAVANNAH is no problem for me, and positive KAVANNAH is very good. Hagee preaches to his followers that God brought about Hitler so that Israel could be brought into existence. Do you know how many times during my life I have heard that from Jews? Too many to mention. In fact, Hasidic Jews will tell you that Reform Jews caused the Holocaust. What do they mean? They mean that Jews who don't follow God's laws lead the Jewish People down to hell. The Jewish objection is that it's one thing for Jews to make that kind of comment and quite another thing for a GOY to do it. Right, but again, so what? What can we do? Religious people think that they are speaking for the Guy in the sky. If that belief makes them want to support Israel, then good. Let McCain and Hagee be buddies. At least they don't cry crocodile tears for poor palestinians.

We know that right wing religious people are batty; they try to impose batty things on us. They want to burn Harry Potter. What do left wing people want to impose on us? "Even-handedness" in the Middle East. No thanks.

For all their nuttiness, Hagee and company represent a force for continued ongoing pressure on our political leaders to treat Israel as a supernatural ally. Do you know how many GOYYIM have told me lately that Israel is the ONLY country that can deal with Iran? Why? Because HASHEM is on their side.

People who have known me have sometimes said that I don't use my brain to think; I think with my guts. I suppose other people would word that differently. They might say that I rely on my intuition. I intuit that Obama would make a really bad president, especially as far as Jews are concerned, and that - regardless of his platitudes about Israel's safety. Israel does not need Obama to ensure its safety.  If he were president, Israel would have to ignore him and his cadre of Jew-haters.

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