By Shlomoh Sherman

 BBS: !!The Game Line!!
Date: 05-09-95 (19:39)             Number: 211
From: SHLOMOH SHERMAN              Refer#: 1947
  To: BLAKE ATKINS                  Recvd: NO  
Subj: What I believe!                Conf: (211) W-NETRelig
BA>>You seem to be cool. Just what do you believe in?

I believe in the ultimate dignity and goodness of mankind which has been proven under fire. I believe that the evil acts of certain people do not prove the opposite.

I believe that any religion that says that man is basically no good and that all his righteousness counts for nothing is a lie, and a harmfull lie. I believe that any religion that says that belief will save you is a lie, and a harmfull one. I believe that the truest religions are those that stress good deeds. I believe that G-d does not care two cents worth what we believe as long as we practice the Golden Rule of Judaism and Christianty.

I believe that mankind will ultimately one day become God or a god.

I believe that hell is a lie and that heaven is useless even if true.

I believe that man himself will be the messiah and bring himself salvation even if it takes another million years.

I believe that there is no magical rescuer in the universe. I believe that no person is special in that his or her well being is looked after by God. I do not believe that any evil that happens in the world is the will of God.

I believe that each religion in the world received a part of the "truth". I believe that life is empty and meaningless and that the universe itself is empty and meaningless.

I believe that one of the things that makes us potentially divine is that WE are the only creatures in the universe that give MEANING to life and to the universe itself.

I believe that we have one shot here on earth and that when we die we get buried, and that's it. I believe the only eternal future we have is our children.

I believe that each person should live life to the fullest and strive to hurt no one else. I believe that if there IS an ultimate purpose in being human, it is to love one another AND NOT CONVERT ONE ANOTHER.

I believe that anyone who believes his faith alone is the true one and that everyone else is doomed to eternal perdition is an arrogant fool, and a harmfull one. I believe that Biblical Religion, at its core, is anti-democratic and anti-American, because it seeks to impose on all the people a king, either Christ or God.

I believe that Islam is even worse than Biblical religion because it teaches JIHAD till all the world is dead or Moslem.

I believe we should laugh at life because the other alternative is to cry at it.

I believe that good sex is one of the greatest gifts to mankind, if not THE greatest, and I believe it should be practiced in all its forms for whomever those forms appeal to. I believe that no one should be forced to remain married to a spouse he or she can no longer tollerate.

I believe that no woman should be forced to have a baby if she does not wish to.

I believe that justice should be swift for people who commit violence, as it says in Genesis, "He who sheds the blood of man, by man shall HIS own blood be shed."

I believe we should all help one another every chance that we get. I believe that he who loves his fellow man is the REAL Son of God.

I believe that a good glass of alcohol or a good toke of grass every once in a while is good for the soul and cheers the hearts of people.

I believe in good music and good movies and good friendships. I believe in treating your lovers with the greatest respect and good will possible.

I thank Heaven that I was born.

These are my major beliefs although I may have left some more out. :)

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