THE NAZIS WERE CHRISTIANS: My response to Louise Hagan

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Date: 6-1-93
Subj: The Nazis Were Christians
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Louise Hagan wrote:

"Shlomoh, my love, can you possibly be saying that Hitler was Christian? The Nazis were Christian? You and I both know that Hitler's henchmen were not only NOT Christian, but some of them actually advised going back to the ancient pagan Teutonic gods because they felt they were losing grips on the German people because they did not have a religion."

Hello Louise. If you read MEIN KAMPF, you will see that Hitler said he was doing God a favor by persecuting the Jews. Hitler was born and raised as a Roman Catholic; he came from one of the most virulent antisemitic Catholic countries, Austria, which today continues to be as antisemitic as ever. I do not know the heart of every Nazi but I do know that on Xmas Eve, the guards at the concentration camp sang Silent Night to a Jewish baby while they threw REAL Jewish babies into the ovens.

It does not matter to me whether the Nazis themselves were Christians; their parents and grand-parents and great-grand-parents were Christians; so what does that tell me about certain teachings of Christianity handed down through the generations? Need I say?

Just read the Gospel According to St. John, or certain chapters of Matthew, and you will see that there is no surprise that the Holocaust arose in a Christian civilization and in none other.

The producer of that play about Jesus which was cancelled due to charges of antisemitism, said that those who say his play is antisemitic might as well charge that the New Testament is antisemitic. How about that?

I do not indict every single Christian but until Christendom stops hiding its face from the truth and confesses its role in the death of 6,000,000, WE Jews are the ONLY witnesses to what happened, and how and why it happened, and we are OBLIGATED to repeat that witness so that OUR children dont forget it. For if OUR children do not remember it, what hope is there that YOUR children will, and they MUST remember it. Just look. The world wants to forget it except when it can be conveniently compared to the actions of a certain other country which will remain nameless.

L.H. wrote:
"Who do you think hid the Jews and thus sacrificed their own lives and those of their families? Christians, that's who. I personally know a family who did this, and the father was hauled off to concentration camp. Corrie ten Boom was a very famous Christian, whose entire family was gassed because they hid Jews in Holland."

The number of Righteous Gentiles who saved Jews in the Holocaust is pitifully small when we look at the total population of Europe and elsewhere. Israel has even been conducting a series of psychological testing on those few people that were Righteous Gentiles to try to determine what made them different from the over-whelming mass of Christians that sat back and did nothing.

Go to Poland today. That country is filled with the leftover Jew haters who show no sympathy whatsoever with the murdered inncocent women and children. Even though there are virtually no Jews left in Poland today, the hatred is there; the sentiment that what happened on Polish soil (the elimination of Europe's Jews) was a good thing. See the film SHOAH and tell me what you think.

For every Corrie Boom there were THOUSANDS of others who either did nothing or actively assisted the German and Austrian Nazis. The Poles and the Ukrainians (may God strike them with on-going punishment) were the worst. Even the Germans themselves were amazed at the animal ferocity with which these two goldless nations killed and tortured Jewish babies and women.

L.H. wrote:
"We can't blame Jesus Christ for what Adolph Hitler did. As far as 'allowing' it to happen, the U.S. was much in the same position it is now as far as Bosnia, Cambodia or Burma are concerned. Most Americans are not willing to lose their sons to save people they do not know. In Pre-WWII there was a great pacifist movement in the U.S., a great quoting of our first President's remark (George Washington's 'Stay out of foreign entanglements') and it took a sneak attack on U.S. soil and the death of many men at Pearl Harbor before Roosevelt could get us into war - and even then, when Roosevelt declared war on Hitler and Mussolini at the same time he declared war on Japan, the day after Pearl Harbor, many, many Americans were unwilling to fight again in Europe, where the fathers of the boys who were to die had fought one futile war already and lost more men than we lost in Vietnam. Those survivors did not want to lose their sons in another war."

I dont blame Jesus for anything. He was a good and loyal Jew as far as I konw. But the people who claim to be hs followers and speak in his name had much to do (these 2000 years) with planting the seeds of Jew hatred which the Nazis were then able to exploit.

Even without sending America's sons to fight against Nazism, there is much this country could have done. Roosevelt (whose bloody hands help kill Jewish babies) could have bombed the tracks leading to the camps; he could have bombed the camps themsleves; he could have arranged to let in every escaped Jew that came to our coastal waters. The majority of Jews that DID try to get into this country were not useless societal leeches; they were constructive - trained professionals who could have added much to American society and American economic growth. But NO, Hitlers allies here in THIS government together with Roosevelt did absolutely nothing.

And yet look at who people clamor to let in to our country today; people with aids; jail criminals; societal welfare leeches; why? well because they are non-Jews and the liberal establishment doesnt know how to say no to undesirables. Yet these people are not in danger of being thrown into gas chambers. I think I have made my point, many points, in fact.

L.H. wrote:
"How can you say we did nothing to save the Jews, when well over one-half million American boys of my generation died in that battle? The Jews had it bad from Hitler, but so did the gypsies, gentiles and anyone who opposed Hitler. As many non-Jews died in those gas chambers as did Jews."

Many gentiles died there. They were the type of gentiles that the majority had no use for. They were gentiles who were DIFFERENT, like the Jews were different; they were considered unfit non-Aryans. Over one-half million of our boys died when it became impossible for devil Roosevelt not to fight. when Germany finally declared war on America after their buddies, the trecherous Nipons attacked us in the East. They died, preventing the German military from taking over the Anglo-Saxon world, NOT to save Jewish babies from the ovens. This has nothing to do with what the original message was all about.

We all realize that the gentiles of America are qualitatively different than those in Europe; it is the Anglo-Saxon Protestant mentality that makes all the difference. This is about Nazism buidling itself up, using a Christian past and a Christian background as a butress. Its true that some of them wanted to re-instate the old religion but that was never a realistic option. The German Evangelical Church remained. That church did nothing to save Jews. It did not speak out against the Nazis. The Pope did not speak out against Hitler. He signed a treaty with him, just like Stalin. Why do various churches, even today, speak out against the Jewish State, and dare to compare them to Nazis? We need answers and honesty, and there are few honest men and women in Christendom when it comes to things Jewish. Not indicting you. Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts.

L.H. wrote:
"My son, Frank's father-in-law, a Christian, was one of those American boys who liberated Auschwitz. Over 90% of our soldiers were Christian. Why do the Jews never write of the Christians liberating them and getting rid of Hitler? The only thing I have ever heard is the statement you made, that a Christian nation killed 6 million Jews. That's really not right, and you know it. A Christian nation SAVED the rest of the Jews, a Christian nation (Britain) gave a Protectorate to the Jews for their homeland---Christians and Jews alike from a Christian nation (the U.S.) sent money, brainpower and people to make Israel a success. In the 1950's, Congress did establish that the U.S. is a Christian nation; you, yourself, have in this post, called us a Christian nation when you said we allowed Hitler to kill Jews, and many dollars from Christians within this nation go every year to aid the state of Israel, and many, many Christians support Israel (in fact, many believe that Scripture commands us to - I, myself, believe this)."

The allies liberated all peoples that the Nazis had oppressed, the Jews among them, after one half of Europe's Jews had perished. If those allies had stopped Hitler in the late 1930s when it was apparent that he was a monster, we would not have had to fight WWII. If the allies had bombed the camps, there would have been fewer Jews needed saving; if countries had opened their doors to hard working, prodcutive refugee Jews, there would not have been so many to need saving. Hitler offered to let Jews go for ransom; no one gave. England did everyting in its power to prevent Israel from coming into being. Yes, we give Israel economic support; NOTHING in cmparison to what we give other countries, and we give PLENTY to other countries.

Yet there is a suffcient number of American politicians who realize that Israel is America's only trustworthy ally in the Middle East, an island of democracy in a sea of Levantine Oriental barbarism and cupidity. Yes, we remember how Israel, after each of its wars, handed over captured Soviet equipment to America FOR FREE so that America could learn about the latest Soviet air and tank capabilities with working models. I thought there was a friendship relationship between America and Israel. America has been supplying Russia with bread for years. If we could feed our enemies, we could supply our friends with the means to protect themselves. Why not? All of this is good and true. Yet let's go back to the original premise, - Nazism used the Jew hatred preached by Christianity for 2000 years as a means for advancing its own racial, antisemtism among Europeans, especially the Slavic peoples whom they hated only slightly less than Die Juden.

L.H. wrote:
"We're not asking for appreciation, or even acknowledgement of the part Christians have played in re-establishing the homeland for the Jews. All we ask is fairness and the end of saying that we were responsible for Hitler. We were not. We WERE responsible for the death of Hitler and for the reconstruction of Europe afterward. And we lost over 667,000 of our finest young men to do all that."

Who says you were responsible for Hitler? You are responsible for nothing. Yet your churches historically have preached that we were unfit to live among you as equals; the Nazis just shortened that sentiment to "not fit to live." Who says you created Hitler? The leadership of allied countries had a chance to show Christian love by saving Jewish children whom Hitler was willing to let out - for a price. After a while, he was willing to let them out for free. But since no one would take them, he found another solution to his Jewish problem. You guys did not make Hitler. Your civilization and the ideas of Jewish hatred which it produced made it possible for him to arise, and once having arisen, to do what he wished to do until he touched the peace and safety of the Anglo-Saxon world.

L.H. wrote:
"For Jews to never mention our sacrifice in the establishment of their homeland is strange. And for them to blame us for the holocaust is even stranger. I believe that Israel would not exist as it does today had it not been for the help, sacrifice and money of many Christians."

We do not blame you. And if you, as a believing Christian, say that Israel could only come into existence thorugh a human agency, I find that strange indeed. Yes, a few countries sold weapons to Israel in 1948 while England, that great bastion of gentlemen, liberally GAVE weapons to the Arabs enemies. But JEWS in Israel made Israel, and Israel was always a good ally to the Western world, even allowing Sadam Hussein to bomb it so that America would be happy (you know any other country that would do that?) and what was their thanks? A bastard president who tried to treat them like some 3rd world natives, and when they wouldn't be treated so, who made antisemitic remarks in the media.

L.H. wrote:
"We died for you! You studied Jesus. You know that He said 'Greater love has no man than this: that he give his life for his friends.'"

L.H. wrote:
"Give us a break, Shlomoh. Germany under Hitler was NOT a Christian nation! If a spiritual epithet must be put on Hitler's Nazi Germany, try Satanism. Satan surely held sway in Germany in those 14 or so years of Hitler's reign of terror."

If we give the credit to Satan and say that the devil made them do it, then we do not have any right to demand justice from them. And the Germans were not the only ones. Yes, maybe evil did control the world back then but humans could have fought it, as Genesis says. As to Germany's religious status back then, ask the Germans what they were. They are in the best position to define themselves, better than we, and I think that every German you ask, will say that Germany was a Christian nation.

En fin, I can give credit where credit is due - to those gentiles who acted like true men and women who love G-d; there just were not that many; had there been more, the world would be a better place right now. Its too easy to say that the Germans were bad little Nazis and just confine that into a vacuum, unrelated to the history of European Christendom.

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