by Shlomoh
February 7, 2015

The online magazine ALTERNET's latest article on president Obama's bullshit statement about Christianity can be seen here.

"Christian Violence Is Just as Bad as Muslim Violence". Oh really? As a Jew, I do have to admit that Christians have, from time to time, acted swine. But who hasn't? Actually, at a time when Christians were burning Jews in Spain, killing Jews and Muslims during their Crusades, and expelling Jews from countries and forcig them into ghettos, guess what Muslims were doing? Right. They were offering Jews asylum in Turkey and other eastern countries. Hey, what the heck? Ignorance and bigotry have been the hallmark of the human race, NOT love and peace.

The Bible says that the ancient Israelites practiced genocide against the Canaanites. Well, didn't God command that? Yeah, I suppose in the same way he told Christians to do that to Jews.
BUT, and here's what's the issue about Obama's bad boy remarks.
The Jewish and Christian god has finally calmed down and now tells us Jews and Christians to be good citizens and treat each other as brothers and sisters. Oh yeah, plenty of Christians and Jews still curse each other out but they are the marginal ones, and decnt Jews and Christians usually tell them to shut up. Besides, most Christian countries have laws that prevent reliigous killing by instituting imprionment.

So Jews and Christians don't fly airplanes into buildings the way they would have 600 YEARS AGO! Whiule most decent Christians are saying, "Gee, what we did back then was terrible", a whole bunch of Muslims TODAY are saying "Death to America, America is Satan, Kill Israel and all Jews."

When was the last time a Christian killed someone for printing a cartoon or making a joke about religion? When was the last time a Christian leader issued a FATWA, authorizing assination? When was the last time Christians kidnapped someone, put him in a cage, burned him to death, filmed it and put in on Youtube?

I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh but he is right when he says Obama insulted Christianity by his political correctness.

The ALTERNET article states that Christians killed Jews in the Holocaust and Serbs killed Muslims in Bosnia.

The Holocaust was initiated by people who were not Christians in a real religious sense. They may have used Christianity for political purposes but Hitler himself planned for the day when Teutonic Paganism would replace Christianity. As for Bosnia, this
so-called Christian "ethnic cleansing" only raised world awareness because of its rarity. The fact is that Serbs hate Croatians as much as they hate Muslim Bosnians, and probably had Milosivek not been stopped, Croatia would have been next on the list. Serbs, Croatians, and Muslims were forced into a union by the creation of an artificial country ruled by a dictator. What happened in Bosnia is the EXCEPTION in the modern Christian world, not the role. As far as I know, there is no Christian or Jewish AL KAIDA.

It's sad that a man like Obama, who held out hope for the disenfranchised, has succeeded in alienating many of the very people who brought him to power as leader of the STILL free world. At a time when we need a leader to battle the forces of darkness, we have a guy who is abetting the darkness.

Frankly, I fear that the more he speaks, the more he is damaging Mrs Clinton's chances.

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