THE PASSION In Australia

By Adrian Crawford
February 28, 2004

THE PASSION In Australia
From: Adrian Crawford []
Subject: Passion in Australia
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004 00:22:11 +1030
Dear Shlo,

I haven't actually met anyone who has seen it. The local paper gives a few viewers comments which are more in line with Christians viewing it as an attestation of faith - but that is the problem with it anyway -faith. The true believers are not going to be swayed otherwise. The self-same believers would have said the same thing about those biblical conglomerate scripts of the fifties - like, how it reinforced what I believed anyway because that was what I read in the bible.

As a straight feature film script with great novelistic license and Jews being replaced by those baddie aliens who shopped our hero in, then who knows, it may be a satisfactory, powerful and entertaining movie. But when the baddie aliens are in fact, the same people as the hero, and when those villanous Romans are almost made the goodies who were "forced" to slay this good man by his own people, then that is where it shifts dangerously into propaganda - a propaganda myth which has caused millions of deaths over the past two millenium.

What worries me is that appears to be its slant. A basic interfamily dispute within Judaism (or so the 1st century Romans would have regarded it), some thirty to eighty years after Yeshua's death, made into the damning of a whole race of people that Yeshua was born into, abided by the Laws of Mosaic Laws, and believed in right throughout his lifetime.

I agree with Scorcese's view in that other controversial movie: - Yeshua would have rolled over in his unknown grave to learn what was to eventuate in his name.

Kind regards,
Adrian Crawford

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