Mel Gibson's new movie

From Ginger Rich
October 19, 2010

As a fellow Jew I am asking you to do the following for the reasons that I am going to state. Mel Gibson has a new movie coming out within the next week. It is named The Edge Of Darkness. I am asking you to not only boycott the movie but to forward this email to every Jew and every Jewish support group that you know. If you have any contacts with any media that can put this to print, it would reach even more people then we can imagine.

If you recall Mel's father denies that the Holocaust ever happened.Mel supports his fathers beliefs.

On Ash Wednesday February 25th 2004.The movie Passion Of The Christ opened in thousands of theaters. Mel Gibson co-wrote, directed,and co-produced the movie. Gibson also financed the $25 million it took to make the movie through his own company, Icon Productions.  Hollywood 's major studios all passed on offers to distribute the film. New market films agreed to distribute it for a fee.

The movie has`probably created more controversy than any other movie in recent years. Some commentators have charged that the movie is anti-Semitiic because it blames the Jews for the death of Christ. The film portrays Jews who adhere to their Jewish faith as enemies of God and the locus of evil..

The above 2 paragraphs were taken from the web site of

In July of 2006 Mel Gibson was stopped and arrested for drunk driving near his house in Malibu.byDeputy James Mee. In his initial report Deputy Mee described how Gibson bolted from custody and how he chased the actor back to his car where he handcuffed him. In addition, the report detailed repeated threats against Mee made by Gibson, who said that he "owned Malibu" and "would get even" with the deputy.The report also detailed Gibson's"barrage of anti-Semitic remarks" in which he said, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" before asking the deputy, who is Jewish: Are you a Jew?

The article goes on to say that Gibson because of his celebrity status received a $1300.00 fine and other minor consequences. He never apologized to the deputy or to the Jewish people. Can we support an individual who hates us.

It is very important that you don't delete this email. If you do, it only helps to support the beliefs of Mel Gibson against the Jewish people.

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