"The Passion" Revisited - Ooo look!

Dee Bower and Shlomoh Correspondence
September, 2003

--- King Solomon <kingsolnew@yahoo.com> wrote:
 I heard that the film makers are thinking putting
 sub titles in. The people who are familiar with the
 story  won't worry about the Amramaic and Latin. The people
 who don't know the story will have problems.
 I saw it with a friend of mine who is an Orthodox Jew and
 does not know much about the New Testament.
 I had to explain to him what was  happening while we were
 watching the film.
 Personally I don't care if it's in Aramaic. In fact,
 I  think it's cool.

 --- Donnette Bower <donnettebower@yahoo.com> wrote:
  Even though the film is in Aramaic, if TRUE Christians go to see it,
  they will know the translation of  the language and the language
  barrier shouldn't be a problem. I think it's a wonderful effort by Mel
  Gibson to even attempt to produce such a film. God is using him and I
  THANK God for giving him the opportunity to present it. Who cares what
  the Pope thinks?  I certainly don't!

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:51:10 -0700 (PDT)

From:  "Donnette Bower" <donnettebower@yahoo.com>  
Subject: RE: [new46] "The Passion" Revisited - Ooo look!
To: "King Solomon" <kingsolnew@yahoo.com>

Perhaps the film will be a tool to get people to study the scriptures to learn the TRUTH instead of following traditions of men. (but I doubt it:-(  I have been studying with two very wise, scholarly, excellent teachers who teach in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and English. When I study with them I feel like I am actually walking in that world and experiencing it as if it was happening right now! They have really helped me to understand the Bible. I've even learned a few letters of the Hebrew alphabet and how to read it! (I still need to do it slowly, but I think it's a beautiful and fascinating language). It's hard for anyone to read the Bible alone without a good teacher who is a SCHOLAR and not just someone who teaches from directions given to them by a Board of Directors, etc.  It's important to know the meaning of the names of the people, places, etc. and how they translate into the meaning of the scriptures, as well as "Types" that are examples of the fulfillment of prophecy. I was always raised to believe that I didn't need to read the Old Testament nor Revelations - What a crock!I feel like I've graduated from "traditional" church and am now a full-fledged Bible student 7 days a week - at least ONE hour a day.  I have learned so much and I am so blessed to have found instructors who aren't bound by "tradition" and can teach the TRUTH correctly without trying to just teach what the people want to hear instead of what God wants us to hear. These lessons have literally changed my life!

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