THE PASSION by Mel Brooks?

Shlomoh and Friends discuss possibility of a Brooksian spoof
February 24, 2004

From: King Solomon []
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Subject: Howard Stern's remarks regarding THE PASSION

Why did that idiot [Gibson] make a film in foreign languages? Americans can't stand to read words on the bottom of a screen even when they are in Spanish, much less Aramaic and Latin. If he wanted to make the film in a different langauge, he should have made in in Pig Latin!


Howard's observation.

Mel Gibson?
This movie should have been made by Mel Brooks!

--- Deke Barker wrote:

Shlomoh: Mel Brooks? *GREAT* idea!!!

Imagine this:

A PASSION story with flashbacks to Jesus' ministry, as apparently Gibson did in a limited way. Emphasis is on the divine amusement --and compassion -- at the human condition.

In flashbacks, Jesus is arguing with Pharisees, a classic Jewish (or Italian) argument, definitely not WASPish. Shouting, hands waving, the whole bit. Genuine, serious NT/Talmudic discussions about serious issues, but done humorously. And when they're done, they sit down to dinner and argue over that. Jesus prefers KOSHER hamburgers, the Pharisees prefer KOSHER hot dogs. The Pharisees claim that Jesus is setting a bad example with HAMburgers, even if they don't contain any pork. Jesus informs them that, "God would never authorize the eating of food made the way hot dogs are made. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN HOT DOGS BEING MADE?" The scene ends with Jesus and the Pharisees parting amicably, but still arguing. Quick shots of the Pharisees talking among themselves and remarking how worthy, albeit misguided, Jesus is. Same with Jesus and his disciples discussing how worthy, albeit misguided, the Pharisees are.

Maybe one of the Pharisees is Hillel and one Shammai -- it's historical FICTION, after all -- and *THEY* are always arguing, no differently from when they are arguing with Jesus. And maybe Hillel and Jesus team up against Shammai as often as Hillel and Shammai team up against Jesus. Make the Pharisees the narrators and classic "Jewish Alps" comics, guys who laugh as an alternative to crying at the human condition, to Jesus' straight man, who like the Pharisees is shocked, saddened, and amused by the human condition. Use their narration as opportunities for the flashbacks. HILLEL: "Oy vey! Remember when..?"

The Last Supper: The most serious part of the film, though lightened by more food jokes and more arguments. Again, hewing as closely as possible to the NT, but with humor as well as a serious message.

Gesthemene, Trial, Crucifixion: Make everyone look like idiots, Romans, Jewish leaders, the people of Jerusalem, Jesus' disciples, Greek tourists, Arab sheiks, except Jesus and the two Pharisees. Or maybe it's six Pharisees, led by Hillel and Shammai, and one converts after the crucifixion.

Miracles: Keep them ambiguous. For example, present "evidence" supporting both a physical resurrection and a tomb robbery by zealous disciples. (One set of footprints leading a mile from the tomb and then disappearing in thin air.) Let people reach their own conclusions.

I think it's possible to create a humorous-yet-serious film about the Passion, one that would be appealing and even enlightening to any discerning Xian or Jew or agnostic. Show the ambiguities on both sides. Religion is belief, not proof.

Shlomoh wrote:

Great! Let me dwell on it a bit.

Mel Brooks has a bit about the 2000 year old man. The 2000 year old man makes Stars of David for a living. He says: [yiddish accent] - vell you see - I get six guys - each of dem has a point - and dey run together and push the 6 points togedder - and boom - a Jewish Star!

He is sitting near a well, talking with Jesus. Jesus says: vell it's dis vey; vy don't you consider dis? It's a cross; yeah yeah I know - sounds goyish but!

The 2000 year old man says: Veyt! Dat's a good idea! If I make crosses instead of stars, it's only four points!

Great! Den I could let two guys go! Who needs six schmendriks vitch take long coffee breaks and alveys bodder me vid de union? Alright, vee vill make crosses. Who knows? Maybe ve start a new relgion mit dis ting!

From: Shelley
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004
Subject: Re: Mel Brooks version of THE PASSION To:

I think there should be a "food fight" i.e., Animal House and John Belushi at the Last Supper... matza balls flying - could be nice touch.

Shlomoh wrote:

Right! And then there is this disclaimer at the end titles - NO NON KOSHER FOOD WAS USED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS FILM. The only problem is that the disclaimer is in Aramaic and Latin only! Hey is it ONLY what comes out of the mouth that defiles? What about all that nasty sea shell food? EYEW!

From: John D. Aynedjian
Subject: Re: Mel Brooks version of THE PASSION
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:42:16 -0800 (PST)

As Rabbi Yeshua would say...


And then, guess what? Great minds think alike.
The KNISH Magazine ran a spoof about Mel Brooks doing his verison of THE PASSION.
to read it.

Deke Barker is a member of the church of The Disciples Of Christ.

Shelly is a traditionally secular Jew.

John is a lapsed Holy Roller.


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