The Ridiculous Attitude Of Some Jews Towards Christian Zionists

By Shlomoh
August 26, 2007
Oregon, Ohio

While watching the CNN special, GOD'S CHRISTIAN WARRIORS, it occured to me that there are still many Jews who
do not appreciate any Christian support, political or otherwise, for the State of Israel. I supposed that those
particular Jews were secular but really I am not sure of that. I onloy know that I have heard over and over again
a theme that runs something like, "Oh, the only reason that Christians want to help Israel is that either they
want to convert Jews or they believe that it's necessary for them to support Israel so that their Christ can
return to them.

Recently I joined a MySpace discussion group whose theme is liberal atheism but I soon had to leave that group for
two reasons. The first was that both my sentiments and my person were attacked because I do not follow the complete
liberal party line. Part of the liberal party line is that Israel is a country more villainous than most of the 3rd
world autocracies, including some with Moslem quasi-nazi regimes. It was bad enough that I expressed opinions against
gun-control and unlimited "right" of abortion. But when I expressed support of Israel, democracy's ONLY trusted ally
in the Middle East, my PERSON was attacked in nasty fashion. When the issue of Christian Zionism was broached, the
particular anti-Israel gentiles read me the tired old line that Christians are ONLY supporting Israel because ... What
followed "because" was nonsense.

In response, I pointed out, Jewish thought stresses that ACTS are more important than REASONS. WHY individuals do
anything positive are really not to the point. It's not the thought behind the deed that traditionally has been important
to Jews; it's the deed. Every one of the gentiles disagreed with me on the point that this IS the historical Jewish attitude,
as though those particualr people would be any kind of mavens on how Jews think. And I could not argue with them. The
vituperation against me AD HOMINEM increased anytime I said something positive about Israel or the gentile supporters of
Israel. So I left.

The point of the story is this. Israel is in need of any friend it can have. I think the first person who realized this
and who chose to ignore the POSSIBILITY of so-called "ulterior motives" was Meir Kahane. He was the first orthodox rabbi
to do public speaking in evangelical churches, and his theme was that Christians and Americans in general need Israel as
much as, or possibly more, than Israel needs them. Possibly Kahane's assertive involement with Christian Zionism led to
a further expansion of the movement.

Since moving from New York to the Midwest, my original feeling that Christian support of Israel should be taken at face value
rather than suspected has increased. Here in the Bible Belt there does seem to be genuine positive feelings toward MEDINAT
YISRAEL without any thought of reciprocal benefit to the evangelicals.

Regardless of the secular Jewish suspicion of the "kindness of the goyyim", and I fully understand the historical reasons
for that suspicion, I think the time has come to spread the word to Jews in general that MITSVOT EYN Z'RICHOT KAVANNAH -
the Talmudic dictum that a good deed does not have to have any kind of positive intent or feeling. We should leave the
KAVANNAH to the non-Jews and concentrate on their MITSVIOT regarding the People and the State of Israel. There is a sufficient
number of Christians and gentiles in general who are our enemies. Please, let's not slap the hands or faces of our Christian

Now I am aware that certain Jews will say to me something like, "Well, don't you realize that you are accepting the support
of people who want to criminalize abortion, prevent certain groups of people from loving each other, and force a set of
fairy tales into the public school cirriculum that would take the place of science?" Was I born yesterday? I am in my 8th
decade and I think that I have an understanding of what is happening in political America among the gentiles. But if I do not
completely follow any political party line, how can I expect that these evangelist Zionists to completely share ALL of MY
beliefs. It's sufficient to know that a powerful group of nonJews loves and supports Israel. There are many Christian countries
and many Moslem countries but only ONE Jewish country; and that country is not up for grabs! And I leave the KAVANNAH of the
Christan Zionists to heaven!

While European Christians curse and revile Israel and Jews in general, here in the United States Madonna studies KABALLAH and has a Passover Seder in her home, Hollywood embraces Jewishness, and HASHEM's Christian warriors support the only Jewish state in the world. As a good nonbeliever, all I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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