Say Nothing

By Shlomoh
August 4, 2014

Thousands of years ago, our rabbis made a statement that rings true today no less than before.


That simple Hebrew phrase says it all. Simple translation = Hatred was born at Sinai. Of course it's more onomatopoeic in Hebrew but so what?

What's the idea? Those who say that religion causes hatred are correct but their emphasis is wrong. Bill Maher, interviewing a so-called "liberal" who stated that religion causes hatred and death, asked him, "You mean ALL religions?". He answered categorically "yes." Bill said, "That's so much liberal bullshit."  Since when have Christians, Jews, or a bunch of other religions caused deaths? TODAY I mean. There is ONE religion that causes hatred and death! Only one!"

Before I mentioned "emphasis".  Hatred from Sinai.

When the Jewish people were created as a religious people, the world chose to hate Israel. What's the reason? No reason. Just Jews and Sinai which gave them their identity.

I say to my fellow Jews and to anyone else who may read this - STOP DEFENDING ISRAEL'S ACTIONS. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. When you defend Israel's actions, you assume that you are addressing a rational audience. What happens when you assume? Right! You make one out of them and yourself.

"Israel is doing this or that because ... "   The FORUM taught us that anything following the word "because" is pure bullshit.

It's bullshit either because it's really bullshit or because it doesn't make sense or because there is no evidence but mostly because "who gives a shit?" NOT the world. NOT that great humanitarian organization, the United Nations! NOT the Jew-hatin' US State Department, oh no!

Oh Israel is such a wonderful country! My Gard! It gives great technology to the world. Hey stupid, don't you know that Israel is constantly under attack? Don't you realize that Israel tries to avoid collateral damage more than any country? Oh yeah? Tell it to the marines! Israel does all that? No shit! Take all that information and shove it. Because no matter what those Jewish nazis do ... You fill in the rest.

So Jews. When people bad mouth Israel, shut the hell up because as YESHUA said, "Don't cast pearls before swine."

It don't matter! The scene was set at Sinai. YOU think you are smart enough to change it? You ain't.

As for me? Usually I tell them that I hate it when Israelis use the blood of little Gaza babies to make matsah. Most of them don't know what I am talking about and don't care. Why? Because!

You all know what comes after "because."

Israelís operation in Gaza is not causing deep-seated antisemitism, it is revealing SINAH MI-SINAI.

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