By Shlomoh
August 6, 2014

I'm watching the FX series, TYRANT, which probably has a high percentage of Jewish viewers, I mean COMMITTED Jewish viewers - because who is more concerned about the Middle East than we?

And I am watching Bassam trying to guide his brother, Jamal, through the currents of Arab Spring changes. Bassam is a dreamer and has spent too much time out of the Arab world to understand that just asking his brother to be nice won't help him. First of all, Jamal is not nice. Secondly, the Abudinis are not nice. After all, it's the Middle East, shitbowl of the world.

Levantines have a long memory. We all know that from reading the daily papers since the late 1940s.

Levantines have been colonized for so long that they get an Excedrin headache when the colonizers leave. First it's the Turks, then the French and British. The Europeans should know that after they leave, the people are still going to be colonized by their own leaders. Let's face it, since the 15th century, that's all they have known.

The El-Fayids are not especially fond of giving up power, not only because they love power but more to the point, every time Jamal alludes to Mubarak and Quadafi, he doesn't want to wind up like them.

And what was so terrible about the dictators once you put them in their place physically and psychologically? Nothing. They kept the lid tight on the toilet bowl. Open the bowl and what do you get? The Arab Spring - really the Arab Winter.

The Middle East is falling apart, literally disintegrating. And there is no stopping it. Kill as many Al Quida as you like, or ISIS, or Hezbula, or Hamas. More spring up in their place. They never die.

At least the dictators maintained a relative peace. OK, when Mubarak and Quadafi were around, Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia were not so nice to Israel; by nice I mean, not cursing the Jewish state in public - because they don't have the balls to do what Israel does every so often, that is, when the white man shuts up, clean up the Middle East messes.

What did we do when our friend, Mubarak, was in trouble? Nothing. We let him swing in the breeze. So typical. White man speak with forked tongue. Everyone knows that. We say shit about the Middle East in public that we don't mean. Half the time, we don't even know what the hell we mean or even what TO mean.

Bush and his nasty band of merry men took a bad situation and made it worse. What was Saddam doing to us? Nothing. Just as Assad is doing nothing to us. They just were doing what the El-Fayids are doing. Shitting on the people. So what? Did Thomas Jefferson invent the Middle East? No, so why does America thnk that it should act like America?

A decent president, and I don't mean scum-bag Clinton [who in my estimation is worse than shit head Bush], would have gone to Saddam and said, "OK Saddam, this is how it is. We are going to help you blow Iran away, and we'll also help you against Syria. All you need to do is give us some military bases on your land and oil at a penny a barrel, and just relax. And if not Saddam, then his generals.

Guess what? During Clinton's administration, a cabal of Iraqi generals contacted the CIA and asked for American help in overthrowing Saddam and establishing a military rule. In return, they would give us military bases and cheap oil. They even promised social reforms to give women equality. Guess what? Clinton refused. I have to tell you again and again, when it comes to the Levant, the white man is stupid and he just loves being stupid. And even Obama, a man with dark skin, he is still the white man in the Levant because he acts like the incorrigible white man there.

But we don't support military coups, schmucks that we are. Look at Egypt. One stable country in the Middle East along with just a few others. Syria is falling. Iraq is falling. The leaders of Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are quaking in their pants, and they have everu right to. The virus is out of control and their countries are probably already infected.

Good old fashioned anglo-saxon colonialism might help but the white man has lost the balls to impose it.

Eventually thngs will get so bad when the Middle East breaks down completely [probably within our century] that the West will have no choice but to let Israel be its messiah. It already is. It's just that no western people want to admit it.

Here's my prediction for Jamal El-Fayid. Bassam will have him put out of the way and he, Bassam, himself will take over Abudin, and he'll wind up being worse than Jamal. He may be an America pediatrician and call himself Barry - but the Middle East is very much a part of him. It's in his blood.

In fact, why don't they let ME write the finale for the show?  

Israelís operation in Gaza is not causing deep-seated antisemitism, it is revealing SINAH MI-SINAI.

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