Christian Zionists

Christian Zionists
Subject: Christian Zionists
Date: Sunday, August 26 2007
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Brent wrote:
>> As an ex-christian and then a rabbi that taught Christian tour groups that came to the Temple Institute in the old city, I know that their help is for
>> their personal agenda.

>> In response, I pointed out, Jewish thought stresses that ACTS are more important than REASONS. WHY individuals do anything positive are
>> really not to the point.

>> That is not exactly true. Nor is the reality of what is going on. Those Christian donators are a lobby that uses their "generosity" to get a foothold
>> and missionize the uneducated. Many individual Christians donate because it's charity for the right reasons, but they are part of larger organizations
>> that seek to undermine Judaism in Israel.


I do understand your perspective because, although I am halachically Jewish, my father was a fundamentalist preacher, ordained by Jerry Falwell. I grew up in the Baptist extreme world and became an Orthodox Jew as an adult.

There is on the one hand, an agenda. But in my experience with a number of churches that were very Zionistic, they hoped for the salvation of the Jew but refrained from overt attempts at conversion after the 80's. John Hagee is famous for his millions of dollars and constant support but he, too, holds a no witnessing position. He, like many others, believes that Romans 11 explains that Jews will ultimately be redeemed, although early converts are a big cause for exuberance.

However, the love of Israel and loyalty to the Jewish people's interest is real and genuine, and usually the reason is because their God loves Israel. That's reason enough..

Yet, like Shlo said, it is so "pas nisht" for the Orthodox to worry about KAVANAH, when the Jewish position is that KAVANAH doesn't count, but works do. If the atheist who is orthoprax is acceptable, so should be the dollars and sweat from the Christian ally.

I picture the Christian Zionists like the characters in the Wizard of Oz, skipping down the yellow brick road thinking that we have all the secrets and all the answers. The zeal and ignorance that resides outside the shop window leads to many conversions, but the inevitable end is that the convert goes to GEMARAH classes and eventually hears, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" Brilliant minds spending hours and hours wasted on arguing about mules and clay pots.

The Christian Zionist is as sweet and naive as Dorothy. So what if they hope you'll know YUSHKA? That's only because they really believe YUSHKA loves you. Their money is green and they have great political power. Without them, Israel would be exterminated from the face of the earth.

Be well,

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