Hearing your voice today...
Like an electric shock!
Waking me out of a dream...
It brought me happiness
It brought me sadness.
I have done what I promised.
Indeed I wove for you
A tapestry of words
And enwrapped you within.
Yet that very tapestry
Came unravelled...
We laughed together once..
The laughter exploding out of me
Making me feel alive!
And now
I wish that I could cry with you...
For I am filled with tears...
That wrack my body and shake my soul.
I held your hand once
Wishing to hold you.
Now I am held at a distance.
And you have said
You wish to be my friend.
Oh sweet friend!
Do not be harsh with me now...
Do not think ill of me for these my words
For they are all I have left.
Then be my friend if that is your wish
And in my mind
I shall continue to be
The Bear that you created
When you wove your own tapestry for me...
For that remains my wish
And try as I may
I cannot alter it.

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