I will love you one day at a time
And the days shall be gathered up
Into weeks and months and years
And they shall be harvested abundantly
Because you have planted seeds of love
In my heart.
And that harvest of love shall be blessed
By G-d Almighty.
For I shall call upon Him to bless you.
The G-d of Israel, He who led my fathers out of Egypt,
Shall bless you,
And make you as Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah,
And cause you to become a multitude
On the face of the earth.
He shall give you grace
And cause you to triumph over your enemies.
For the archers have hated you
And have shot their arrows at you
But He shall give you strength through my love.
And tho' you have come to me only in the afternoon of my life
I shall find happiness with you.
And the winds shall come from the four corners of heaven
To blow away the chaff from the morning of my life.
Then when the last hair of my head has turned to snow
Before I close my eyes for that last sleep
I shall say to you
The words which you yourself have taught me:
S`agapo Athena!

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