On receiving your cards ...
Federal Express came today.
My heart was racing inside of me.
For I knew
You had sent your love to me.
I saw your hand-writing,
Sweetest love-script,
Each line punctuated with emotion,
Speaking love to me!
You said: "Want you badly"!
Want me as I want you.
You said: "I pray its here to stay forever"!
Forever is not enough!
You said: "Always leave me floating on cloud 9"!
Fly to me on clouds lady.
I dreamed of you - flying to me
On the wings of wind,
Pushing at the tail,
So many hundred miles per hour.
Your love - breaking the sonic barrier.
A sonic-boom! -> My heart pounding at the thought of you!
Coming to me - across a continent.
Reaching out for me.
As I open each envelope
I am enveloped by you -
Hungering for you
As only a lover can for the woman of his desire.
Touch me - and make me young once more!
Kiss me - and let me taste the sweetness I've been dying for!
Open to me - that wonderous door of love
And let me enter
There to remain with you -

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