I am the Phoenix which you created.
I rise out of the ashes
And re-awaken to new life.
I spread my wings
And soar to heaven`s heights
And carry you aloft with me.
Because you took note of me
Because you turned to me
Because you reached out to me,
Because of your attentions
Because of your affections
                  for ME!
Because, of all men here,
You have chosen me!
And tho` you do not yet
             give me that kiss
             give me that caress
             give me that fond embrace
Which I so earnestly desire of you,
Yet you understand,
In your quiet way,
My desire!.
My outstreched wings catch the wind
And take me higher in my flight
Of anticipation...
Of what we two might find together...
I smile because of what our future may bring
Each to the other
As we grow together
As we mature together
Which shall bind us
In heart!
In soul!
In body!
On that day
When at last
I am in your passionate and loving embrace
And you in mine
I shall love you
As you shall love me!
And I shall pledge that love to you completely,
Taking away all pain and loneliness
So that you shall be filled with me
And I with you,
And there shall be a great paradox
That, saitisfied and sated with you
Yet shall I be
Always hungry for you!
Always thirsty for you!
Always yearning for you!
Desiring you, close to me!
And even now as we fly, together
I do hold you very tightly against me
And you do cling to me
As to dear life itself...
I look upward, and I see
The sky has no limit for us!
We fly upward!!!!!

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