The first time I kissed a girl I was thirteen years old.
I think she was twelve.
She asked me if I wanted to take a walk in the woods.
I said, yes, sure.
We walked until we were all alone.
Then she turned to me and asked
If I had ever kissed a girl before.
Somewhat taken aback, I blushingly answered, no.
She asked, would you like to kiss ME now?
I said, well, I suppose, ok.
She came close to me
And put her arms around my neck
And pressed her sweet warm lips against mine.
Oh G-d!
A million volts of electricity
Shot through my young body.
Almost involuntarily, my arms flew around her waist.
I pulled her close, so close to me.
We kissed each other hard
And I held her tightly,
Never wanting to let go.
She pressed her soft young body against me and moaned.
Then she pulled her lips away,
Looked at me and smiled.
Asked me, did you like that?
Did I? Oh yes, I liked it, I LOVED it!
And so we kissed and kissed
Over and over again
For hours!
Time passed as we kissed.
Now so much time has passed.
I wonder ...
Will a kiss ever jolt me like that again?
Take my breath away?
Make me weak?
Make me weep?
Make me young again?
And I think
That when you hold me,
At last,
The sweet passionate innocence will return.
Then -
As I love you with all my body and soul,
The world will return
To a former state
Of bliss.
For that thirteen year old in me
Will take your hands and kiss them,
Will take your heart and love it.
I will call to the little girl in you
And touch her.
Please be my love
For all time.
We will walk in those woods forever ...

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