By Jamie Walsh

I hear you shouting don't abort
A child I cannot support.
I hear no pledge to clothe and feed
the babe, if I your warning heed.
Your goal to bar the clinic's door,
Not changing what we need it for.
What right have you to judge the poor?

Conception is the real issue,
Not removing fetal tissue.
If birth control was uncontested,
Also free and better tested,
If Sex Ed wasn't so protested,
If women weren't being molested,
Abortion conflict would be rested.

M. J. Walsh, Copyright (c) 1994

[Ed note: This poem was written in 1994 in response to a poem that I wrote which appeared to condemn unrestrained abortion. Since that time, I have modified my views about abortion, now believing that no man can possibly tell a woman what to do about the abortion issue in her own life.
- Shlomoh

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