-- by Suzanne Utts

Suzanne Utts is an Internet friend of mine who has varied interests. This poem is the first I have seen of her writings.

A teddy bear came very close
To losing legs and arms and nose
As the family dog took him by the ears
Causing Lizzy so many tears.
Her Daddy and Mommy said "just maybe"
We can fix him after we have the baby"

Then into the driveway comes Dr. Dan
Home from his work as The Bandage Man
Hearing little Lizzy's cries
Seeing her tears, hearing her sighs
she held to her heart
with his legs that dangled
Her baby, her Teddy, a bear
Who'd been mangled.

"Would you like me to fix your bear?" he said
To the little girl whose eyes were so red.
As she nodded and handed her Teddy up
Her tears would have filled a tiny tea cup.
But with hope in her heart and trying to smile
She trusted the doctor all the while.

So into the house Dr. Dan went
And into the kitchen where he spent
The next few hours with needle and thread
Working on Teddy, legs, arms and head.
He became a furrier as he matched the seams
To give that little girl back her dreams
A little stitch here and a lot more there
He reattached the ear to her bear
He straightened the nose and reworked the smile
And restuffed the stuffing that sat out in a pile.
With the care of a surgeon he worked into the night
And Teddy Was ready by dawn's first light.

So working with words
A poem I wrote
About Dr. Dan and his great mitzvot
Because the good deed he did
Will be told with reknown
As she grows into a woman
With a child of her own.
She will always remember her friend
Dr. Dan, “The Bandage Man’

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