By Sherrie Havens

[If there were a greeting card for breaking up, what would it say?]

I know with every sentence,
Your words are only pretense,
Your lies are by omission,
Yet not beyond my vision,
A misplaced glance,
A sidelong smile,
Prevents the bliss,
Of my denial,
Much emptiness,
And lost emotion,
Has sent astray,
Loves true devotion,
Through my tears,
And with enough said,
I am telling you dear,
There's no more head.

Sherrie Havens is a 38 year old, divorcee with six mostly adult children.
Born in Indiana, she now lives in Florida.
Sherrie won her first award for poetry writing in the 4th grade, the Young Authors Award, when she won first place in the Indiana state competition.

This was for a childrens' book called "The Purple Ice Cube".
She has a minor in Bussiness, as well as a degree in Real Estate.
She says, "I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up!"

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