The Poetry of Brent Kaufman

Hold my hand
Take me away
I can't bear another day.
Hold me close
And wrap around
Unto you my soul is bound.

There's nothing here
That I will miss
Death, my love, just one kiss.

I awake as if jolted,
the door above seems bolted.

I pound and scratch at the solid wall
breaking through, yet unable to call.

I struggle and strain
there's just so much pain.

Through dirt and worms I upward strive,
All this time, I was burried alive.

June 24, 2003

In loud silent pain I sit and stew.
Skin like butter splits in two

Thoughts of pain all through my head
The knife goes in and comes out red.

It's better now I've done my crime
My flesh won't heal before next time.

July 26, 2003

The scars remain until I die
The blood that drips is in my eye.

I stand there naked before my judge
I can't hide anger He knows my grudge.

It's his image that I destroy
What's He want from a little boy

My tongue is silent I can only cry,
just my scars to testify.

The prosecution points at me,
I show my wounds for Him to see

My defense is weak my life was wrecked
You gave me shit what did You expect?

July 26, 2003

I sit alone and stare in space,
never finding a moment's grace
that one hopes will come at least once in life
No hope, no chance, I grab the knife.

Its cold steel blade reflects my eyes
that seek to leave the world despised.
I wait and think of what I'll miss,
There is nothing, not worth this.

I fear the pain of slicing skin
But embrace what's next, the blade goes in.
It's sharp; it stings, but doesn't last
My eyes are tired and closing fast.

My mind recounts the years of pain
I know I'll have to live again.
There was no mercy this time around.
Unto this cycle I am bound.

October 21, 2003 4:30am

People suffer all around,
Their screams are deafening
a haunting sound.
God's world is pain there's nothing you can do
so don't try running
He'll find you too

They talk of His mercy and they talk of His love
But don't look up
His lash strikes hard from above

Raise your eyes and lift your voice.
Beg for mercy.
There's no other choice.

You cry and plead for the whip to be still
But He doesn't listen
It's called Divine Will.

November 4, 2003 2pm

Alone I sit in my comfy chair.
Nothing to do, I just sit here and stare.

Nothing to do but twiddle my thumb
My mind, once pensive, is now brittle and numb.

What I had hoped would be a productive life,
Is just an empty vessel, so I reach for the knife.

The time hasn't come, so I just hold it and wait,
I wait and I wait until the hour gets late.

Then tomorrow comes and I sit here once more
I wait and I wait I just stare at the floor.

This is my life, I've abandoned my dreams
Inside my head I'm deafened by screams.

They haunt me and mock me I've withered away,
So I wait and I wait chained here to stay.

I just sit here and wait tears filling my eye.
I just sit here and wait for the day that I'll die.

December 18, 2003 12:30pm

Dripping blood is all I see,
Dripping blood flowing out of me.

That dripping blood fills up the sea,
It's that dripping blood flowing out of me.

Dripping blood, drip 'til I'm free,
Dripping blood, please flow out of me.

I'm dripping blood please let me be,
Dripping blood, take my soul and get the fuck out of me.

December 31, 2003 12:45am (first verse 1990)

Shadows move across the floor.
Up the walls and out the door.

Shadows roaming through my head,
Telling me I should be dead.

Shadows calling from the past,
Telling me fate's mold has been cast.

Shadows of dreams that I've forsaken,
What I once held dear has now been taken.

Shadows of a life that will never be,
I've given up, there's nothing left of me.

December 31, 2003

In legends old,
It's rarely told
of the one with sickle and hood.

It's not well known
For it's never shown
How his task is truly good.

He bares the weight
of the people's hate
for what he takes away.

But when he arrives
whoever survives
opens his heart to pray,

"Come back my lord
unsheathe your sword
and take away my pain.

Now push it through
and I'll promise you
that I won't ask of you again."

January 1, 2004

These poems can be found on Brent's website at http://www.members.lycos.co.uk/darktears/

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