By Adrian

Creed of the Evolution

If the vision fades, don't give in!
If the dream shatters, don't let up!
Blinded, fooled, lost and confused
humanity may seem,
But till the breath departs us,
our steps must walk the path of change.
For each step could be a foothold closer to
that most cherished of outcomes, for which
survival is only impetus and part; a purpose
for unifying that will communion bring.

History led us to the present foundations,
With co-operation the generator of our salvation.
We who live now bear the challenge,
entrusted with a mission that knows no equal
in the annals of humanity.

Though days of darkness may precede us,
and voices fearing be raised in clamor,
Hearken not, for in the shadows of crisis which
so threatens every life form on this our Globe,
grows a ground-swell ever more powerful,
many peoples uniting together in that
greatest revolution: the Evolution at last
of a Planetary Soul.

Long out of rhythm with the heart-breath of
the Land, imbued with vision redundant
of civilized generations unthinking of a world
limitless in its supply, all too inevitable was
this Earth crisis.

Yet all this is simply the progress that has steered
humanity near-sighted to the point that is now.
But the road before us turns, with change the only
option.  Never before has humanity had to think
so globally, beyond person, or nation.  And with it
is thrust the opportunity to seize the imperative,
creating from the old a new World Order,
eco-logical and co-operative.

As in wars, men and women of a nation
rally together in a common cause, so now, in
the artificial peace of rich nations by nuclear peril
created, lies a vastness of new opportunities
for understanding and growth.  

And the networks are there: communication's link
never forged more strongly, nor the transport so fast.
By such means, initiatives and knowledge from high
science to the ground-roots, from spiritual
wisdoms of cultures ancient to developments the
most modern, can throughout the world be spread:
humanity learning and relying on each other
as never before.  

And was it not the migration of ideas from another
spark, infinitely smaller, that caused the Renaissance
flame to become the light across Medieval Europe?

Wait not for the short-term thinkers to realize
change is needed; instead awaken within to the
vision of whole Planet, and from small or great a
position, from one catalyst or many, from tiny
group to large organization, keep or start the
momentum going, linking together all the islands,
for vital are the initiatives now.

To myself, and all who will listen,
Focus on the light of healing change,
and let the love within you flow.
Of approval seek not.  Of comparisons ignore.
For you are tempered on the anvil of experience,
of a mettle yours unique.  

Find your own voice, for your work is important,
leading of your life in your own special way,
for no one can tell where your destiny may lead.

One voice may seem such a solitary sigh,
Standing alone against a tidal wave direction.
Yet one voice with clarity can be the resonance
that sets in motion transformation.  
Learn from that force opposing you, its subtle
flow.  Now, intuition guided, aim and, in
seamless trust, soar, to a lateral solution of the
highest accord.  And from the tidal might that
defies you will come an answering echo, many
voices adding to yours, current-roaring into a
crescendo of power, surging as one towards the
most powerful of change.

Yet know that it is the love of what you do, not
the size, that matters.  Beware of 'should do'
and 'must', 'for others' sake' and 'for others'
approval,' for these are always ego-traps, and
ultimately the only one you can empower is yourself.  
Seek always the gentle call of peace within you,
heeding your intuition, for it will connect you to the
source-flow of love, and guide you upon your true
path.  Of the light of Spirit, see as it shines through
all people that you meet within your day, sharing with
them in the joy of a smile.  And Nature, adore in all
her magnificence, return to the sacred knowing of the
animal and plant, of every formation of this Maternal
Earth, recognizing with the whole of our being that we
too are fully part of her wondrous creativity.  
So, from ourselves to its every aspect, lovingly embrace
the spiritual perfection of this Global Entity.

The more we attune with all our special gifts, the
more our inner glow does radiate - touching and
inspiring.  And when our commitment is joyous,
our inner connection strong, it is with naturalness,
grace and ease that people will be drawn to us.  
For one may never know how the far ripple of our
presence will extend beyond our near effect
to benefit all kind.

Through the Millennium gate, we tread a hazardous
course, with opportunity though at every step,
towards tomorrows yet to come.  
To the many the power, as people across the world,
irrespective the race or creed, do their activities
co-ordinate, working together upon our mutual
necessity.  Magnificent too is the resource and insight
accessed as women realize the voice they deserve
in the world, embracing their power as humans
equal.  For exponentially increased is the power to
heal when men and women stride out as one
upon the quest, global change.  

To the challenges of adversity, will arise leaders of
greatness and global vision to harness our energies
combined.  And in such climate productive,
breakthroughs unimagined in areas once unsolvable
will occur, translating into world reality at speeds
untold.  For when we as a people commit to global
responsibility with clarity of intent, a guidance
phenomenal will awaken into consciousness,
co-creating a new reality with unparalleled effect.  

Always has humanity been supported on the
deepest of spiritual levels, the source of all
inspiration and experience, awaiting with infinite
patience the coming of humankind into the ocean
of co-existence.  For we are in truth spiritual
journeyers and this realm of free will our
planetary school of learning.

As civilization arose and spread, we as a species
entered our adolescence, bringing to an end the
million-year walk of the Nomad.  But as a result,
the feminine essence that had nurtured us for so
long, bathing us in a deep connectedness to Earth
Mother, became submerged beneath a masculine
essence grown dominant.  Myriad were the paths the
strands of our race explored, but Nature we attempted
to conquer and convert to suit ourselves, and
her needs were forgotten.

Yet vast has been the learning and the foundation
built, even through the chaos of wars, the demise of
species, and the environmental havoc we have wrought
during these our formative years, for in the realm of
Spirit there are no atrocities, only the infiniteness of
compassion as soul learns from soul and from
nature in order to evolve.  

Always has there been a truer purpose beyond that
which humanity perceived, for, though disunited, we
are now interconnected with our minds and knowledge
pooled as never before, facing the exact catalyst
that will propel us forward into a global evolution
in consciousness, the Earth in crisis.  

The task ahead, heralding our adulthood as a species,
is to reconnect to the Earth with a much deeper
sensitivity, assuming the mantle that has long
awaited us, custodians of this our planet.  
And it is now that the deep Earth wisdom of the
essence feminine is reassuming its rightful place
alongside the masculine essence, illuminating the
road before us with the brilliance of intuition.

At its fullest maturity, the journey of the human
race could one far future day lead us to Spiritual
Mastery, where the fear-created illusion of
separateness between us and all things, of which
present reality is but a mirror, will at last be
transmuted and all humanity will become One with
Spirit and with the Love that we ultimately are.

By healing ourselves on every level, by sharing our
gifts and doing all that brings us passion and joy,
by loving ourselves and our environment enough to
actively care, and by recognizing that, for all its
imperfections, our external world and all that we
dislike in it merely echo those aspects of ourselves
that we need to love; by inwardly knowing all this,
by accepting that at the heart of all our species lies
the concern for future generations, and by seeing in
every life form a spiritual teacher, then, individually
and collectively, we are empowering our spiritual
evolution and fulfilling that inherent potential,
the birth vision within every one of us, of
becoming instrumental in the Global healing.

As the Evolution gains momentum, it will be found
that there is not One True Path, but many a way
equally valid.  There will be those who cling to the old,
and those pushing forward to the new, yet from their
variance will be resolved an unheard-of new dynamic.  
The more the branches of human endeavor join in
common cause, the higher still the extraordinary
synergy, as interdependence, nation with nation,
becomes the new meaning in the Land.  And one by one,
old structures will fall or give way to their greater
purpose as the voice, once small,
becomes the World.

About 'The Speaker Within' and
'The Pocket-Book of Wisdoms'

Eight years in the making, 'The Speaker Within' consists of over two hundred of my sayings, put together under forty topic sub-headings.  
If you valued the 'Creed of the Evolution,' then you will certainly gain even more from the insights in 'The Speaker Within' and / or its pocket-friendly companion, 'The Pocket-Book of Wisdoms.'

So, through the one hundred and one sayings in 'The Pocket-Book of Wisdoms,' or through 'The Speaker Within,' or both, come join me again.

The sequel to 'The Speaker Within' will be entitled, 'From the Well-Spring.'

About the author

I was born in England in 1955, and came to Sydney, Australia when my family emigrated in 1963.  I moved interstate to Adelaide in 1977.

I am currently working professionally as a video editor and as a Registered nurse / midwife. I am also progressing as a potential feature film director and a writer of both feature film scripts and children's books. I am also a Reiki master / teacher.  

I have an inquisitive mind, a caring nature, and a gentle sense of humor capable of seeing the foibles of human nature, particularly my own.  These books have been a special part of my own journey and growth.
In the tradition of 'The Tenth Insight' and 'The Path of Transformation', 'Creed of the Evolution' invites us to go beyond the all pervading perception of world reality to see the much deeper currents that have always been at work.  But more than ever it is a clarion call from the now into a future however distant, to never lose sight of our hope, and to find the greatness within ourselves and each other, for this Earth in crisis is nothing less than the evolutionary catalyst that can shift us into a communion of Spirit as we don at last the mantle of Earth guardianship.

"One may never know how the far ripple of our presence will extend beyond our near effect to benefit all kind."
'Creed of the Evolution', 1996

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