Richard Doiron, poet and man of peace.

Richard has been published alongside the Dalai Lama and Twelve Nobel Peace Prize Winners, by invitation, and read at the United Nations, as well as the World Congress of Poetry & Cultures. His latest book, "My Prayer for Peace," has been nominated for the Governor General's Award, along with the Griffin Poetry Prize.

Richard Doiron, Poet - Moncton, New Brunswick


Whereas the wounded self can never do the work
Of the self healed, I pray that God will give us guidance
And never forsake us, yes, even though the world around us
Should crumble and should quake;

I pray for a kinder day, that reason will prevail,
That we might recover and recoup from wounds too severe
For mere mortals to contemplate and to bear;

I pray for peace in our homes and in our lands,
For the Mercy of all Creation to shower down upon us,
That our worst of days and our best of days might be difficult
To differentiate one from the other;

I pray for the Earth, the Mother of us all,
No more to be neglected, assaulted, and assailed;

I pray for the Sky, that the starry night
Once again might be seen to startle and to stir;

I pray for the Spring, the River, and the Sea,
The bodies of which are the Waters of Life;

I pray for the Four Directions, that the Races
Might come together, sharing a common vision
Of Compassion, Unity, Hope, and Love;

I pray for the Wind, that it should take our angry words
And cause them to dissipate and to disappear;

I pray for the Oppressed, that their woes
Might be a thing of the past;

I pray for Equality, that the Sexes might know
Of a Justice unfettered and without fail;

I pray for the Weak, that they might be strengthened,
And for the Strong, that they might be tempered;

I pray for the Ailing and for the Angels of Mercy
Attending to their ills;

I pray for the Tearful and for the drying of tears,
That Hearts might be healed and Closures might be found;

I pray for the Life of Each and Everyone, that the Life
Of Each and Everyone might be promoted, perceived,
And portrayed, as an Endless Prayer.

-a sonnet-

We need to learn the lesson that is Love -
The Universe upon us with its chord:
Let Soul to stir, we're soaring with the Dove,
A blessing bound to ever come aboard.

The hearing heart knows healing's to be had -
The Eagle's eye enamored of the earth:
Add harmony, the deal is ironclad,
With Peace the prize that permeates the Earth.

Ablaze the blue, where satisfaction sings -
Advanced the age that Oneness has decreed:
Behold the Book, the bounty that it brings
Is found by you, on pages that you read.

They well evolve, who mingle with the Might,
And Bob's the bet, in looking for the Light.

March 10, 2003
A gift to Bob Hartlen

A July 17, 2002 article in the Times & Transcript, of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, stated: "Richard Doiron's not so much a poet as he's a force of nature.
Published in both English and French, Richard Doiron estimates he's written about 20,000 poems.
Richard frequently describes his work in distinctly mystical terms, appropriately enough, given the spiritual themes common in his writing.
"I don't understand the phenomenon. I just have to get the words out," he says. "If you're a poet, it's not a choice. You're on call every day."
His first poem was published in an Ontario newspaper in 1970. He published his first book of poetry in 1978, followed by a second in 1991, and a third in 1999.
On July 17th, 2002, he launched his fourth volume, My Prayer for Peace My Prayer for Peace is published by Dreamcatcher Publishing of Saint John., ISBN-1-894372-18-2

Here is a taste of Richard Doiron's Work

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