Every Person In The Bible

By Richard Vallance Janke
for David, my Christian Friend.     John 11:35: "Jesus wept"

I am every person in the Bible.
I am Adam and also I am Eve.
I am beguiled and also I deceive.
Iím Cainís fierce battles, all intertribal.

I am Isaac, your firstborn, on Your stone altar.
I am your Father, youíre my Son, grievous to kill.
I am the Psalmist, all alone with my psalter.
I am Goliath, whom David perhaps shall kill.

I was and am Moses, borne away on the Nile.
I am Egyptís Pharoah, thus pariah to slave.
I am Jobís valour, his righteousness or shame.
I am reduced to tears, Rock at Your opened grave.

I am Iscariot. Youíll remember my kiss.
I am not Jesus. Rest certain of this.

Richard Vallance, "Every Person in the Bible", in Canadian Spirit Voices.
Las Vegas, NV.: Kedco Studios, (c) 2003. ISBN 1-788-431-44-7
© 1998 & 1999 by Richard Vallance July, 1998

Richard can be contacted at   laissezmoienpaix@coolgoose.ca

Richard's website can be found at   http://poesieslaissezfaire.homestead.com

Some brief bio info:   Richard Vallance, Canadian poet, sonneteer & poetry critic.

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