Louise Hagan was Born 1926, in Claude, Texas. She has two siblings. She was raised in Southern California, in the Newport Beach area. She says that she married the Greatest Man On Earth, Carl W. Hagan in 1944. They had two daughters and four sons. She majoried in English in college. She founded L.P. Office Services in Newport at age 53, and published her first book at age 65. Louise is a writer, poet, editor, and selling artist.


I once asked God to show me the true way and I would follow it.  
The next day, to my door, believe it or not, came a Buddhist asking
me to her church, a Jehovah's Witness, and a Baptist minister.  
I was as bewildered as before.  I kept searching.  When I found
my answer, it was through a near-death experience.

Here is what I wrote about it:

My Lord, I asked how to love You;
how hear You, respond to Your voice.
I just couldn't seem to come near You,
to touch You, to laugh or rejoice.

I searched all of Nature to find You
and looked in the midst of strife
There seemed no way to remind You
How empty and lost was my life.

So I read all the books about You
and looked for you everywhere
Then Death came one night and took me,
and suddenly, Lord, You were there.

You stood by the rock to greet me;
Your brilliance suffused the air.
Angels came forward to meet me
and laughter was everywhere.

Was it real, or did I dream it,
that night as I lay on my bed,
When I seemed to escape my body;
the night when I thought I was dead?

I understand now how to love You;
I see You now everywhere.
Did my old self die to find You?
Was a new self born to care?

I only know I adore You,
Holy Savior Who died for me.
I know now the way to repay You.
Holy Savior, I died for thee.

I must admit that the experience was astounding.  
It's a little bit horrible to look down on your own dead body,
and then exhilarating to be bathed in light.  I was given the
choice of life and because my kids were little, I wanted to raise
them and went back.  The going back into my body was a physical
experience, from my toes to the top of my head.  It was very,
very weird, but spiritually, it set me seeking further into God's
existence and what direction my life should take from then on.


(c) 1991 - Louise Hagan,
pub. Congregational Newsletter, 1991;
Autumn Leaves, 1993.

Mary Miles

My sister died today,
Just closed her eyes and slipped away.
Nothing´s changed, the sun still shines
The moon and stars can still align.

The mountains are there, around the town
The ocean sighs the same old sound.
The freeways hum, the gardener mows
The people shop, the wind still blows.

The roses bloom, the tulips do, too.  
The pansies dance in red and blue.
The grass is green, the sidewalks white
The day is over, chased by night.

Nothing has changed, it´s all the same.
Like God is playing some odd game.
Everything´s changed in a strange new way;
My sister died today.

Louise Hagan (c) 2005

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