By M. Elaine Doss
April 6, 2002

In the stillness of night, I turned to find you there
Lying on your pillow sleeping the sleep of a Prince.
I kiss your eyelids oh so softly,
I drink your fragrance from love’s night.
Relishing the memory of you holding me,
my mouth curves a lover’s smile of delight.
I’m torn between wanting to watch you sleep
or waking you with a loving kiss upon your lips.
Embellishing the thought, my hungry eyes
take in your form; the rise and fall of your chest
With every breath… with every heartbeat.
Reminded of the blood pulsating thru your veins
racing with passion to the fulfillment of my love,
I whisper oh so softly to you:
“Awake, my love, awake to the morning dew.
Kiss the petals of Love’s flower anew.
Honey is sweet to the taste, but lies
hidden within the Keeper’s comb.
Jewels in the treasure chest await the quest,
& within you’ll find a map to guide you best.
Come to me and fan the flames that burn,
Love’s sweet flame… that leads you home.”

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